Instead of responding to @SurvivorWiki tweet to me on twitter where I only have 140 characters, I will answer here.

SurvivorWiki asks me: Do you think Tarzan will pull off in the coming weeks? Looks highly unlikely.

Heres what I think now:

Of the 5 Tikiano tribal councils, Tarzan has voted off the right person 3/5 times. Last week, he voted for Christina, but I think he and Sabrina were the 2 chosen to vote for her in case Troyzan had another idol. Which means Tarzan has voted with the Salani girls every time except when Michael was voted out.

Now, the cameras/editors havent made it seem like Tarzan is with the girls, but I think that he has been since Michael was eliminated. I also think that the editors havent shown this because they wanted to make it seem like Troyzan had a chance against all these women.

Now that there are 6 girls and Tarzan, I actually think Tarzan has a chance. He is not a threat. He cannot win challenges, he isnt good at puzzles, Hell, he cant even remember some names. He has been as responsible for the men's demise as the women.

Because of the women casted, I think this week's episode will be very well. My guess is Tarzan wont win the challenge, but I think he will mix the pot with the girls saying X is too weak and Y is too strong and Z is much too likeable.

Even though all this is speculation I am praying for an upset (Kat or Alicia leaving would be great!) I am hoping Tarzan can pull this off, but it might be just as easy for him to be next!

Also, did you know that in the last gender season, Vanuatu, Chris was the last man among 6 women, and he ended up winning, I think that is enough evidence to support that Tarzan can survive a few more tribal councils.


As for last weeks episode, I thought it was great, I thought Troyzan had a chance after Christina said she was getting 2 votes. It might've worked! I was on the edge of my seat! Troyzan was a great character, though a bad sport, I think I would be upset too if everyone was against me. I hope he returns in a future season, he was entertaining.

Christina? What the Hell is she doing there. Jeff asks: "Why are you here?" she says: "Because Im lucky." Why is she there? Survivor seems so tough! And to suffer like that for 30 days and make no gameplan, have no stradegy, is just dumb. She has literally wasted a month of her life, she knows she cannot win. The girls said that she was 'least deserving' at the reward. If that isnt a red flag that screams "YOUR GOING HOME" than I dont know what is. What will be funny is if she is eliminated this week and places 7th, just like South Pacific's asain woman who had no gameplan Edna Ma. If her stradegy is to lie low, then its not a good one. Lying low hardly ever works, it can take you to the top 3, but you cant win like that (well Sandra, Fabio and Natalie did). I do not understand why she is there, she is a major waste of airtime, and she is not going to win.

As for Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina, I love these 3. I want them to be the finalists. They're an awesome alliance, but I do worry for Sabrina. I think Troyzan was absolutly right when he said that Kim, Chelsea and Alicia (the 3 on reward) will be the Top 3. I think Kim and Chelsea are inseperable and will take Alicia to the top 3 because she has no friends and has made no strategic moves whatsoever. And I cannot stand Alicia, she is not a villian for good, tricky gameplay, she is a villian because she is just plain mean, and very rude!

Here is how i predict the rest of the season (remember, my predictions are kind of slanted for how I want things to go):

7th- Christina- for being seen as flip-floppy and the girls dont like her anyway.

6th- Sabrina- She is seen as very strong and likeable and the girls take her out with Tarzan just hanging along.

5th- Tarzan- He shouldnt be in the game anymore and it would be drastic if he made the finals.

4th- Kat- Kim promises to keep Kat, but backstabs her once again, and she is the last eliminated.

Jury- Jonas, Michael, Jay, Leif, Troyzan, Christina, Sabrina, Tarzan, Kat.

3rd- Alicia, she recieves no votes.

2nd- Chelsea- Will be seen as weak for not owning up to moves she made, and letting Kim make all the moves. Votes from Kat, Christina, Jay

Winner: Kim- votes from Troyzan, Tarzan, Sabrina, Leif, Jonas and Michael


Finally, I just wanted to share with you guys that there was a Survivor Casting Call at a Casion in Atlantic City today, just a hour from my house, I would've gone but, oh yeah! Im 15, so I wont be able to audition for another 2 years anyway and there is no proving Survivor will still be on air by then. But, Gervase Peterson from Borneo was going to be there, and I still wanted to go but couldnt. Anyways, enjoy your weekends, hopefully this blog isnt pushed under because of all these FanFictions....

Also, this pig is awesome! I love how they made him the pet, even though I kinda wish they killed and ate it. Had Michael Skupin been on this season, the pig wouldn't have stood a chance.

Pig ep11

Tikiano's pet pig! The Star of the episode!

Tikiano Dance Party02:05

Tikiano Dance Party

An Accurate Collaboration of the episode Never Say Die

Kim ep11

Kim for the Win!