I dont know why but ive been really pumped for this season and well, I think it delivered! I think the 90 minute premeire is what helped, it gave alittle more time to focus on the indiduals.

I have a lot to say, but I dont know where to begin. I guess I could first start by saying that the challenges were really good. At least the immunity challenge. I feel like the challenges last season were... boring. But all of last season except Phillip Sheppard was boring.

I want to also give a quick review of the cast, just judging on the first episode:

  1. Semhar- So she lost. But I kinda was expecting it from Jeff Probsts cast assesment. She is definatly an interesting person, but not an interesting player. I liked her poem and she was attractive. But I doubt she will last on Redemption island. Infact, I think the only person she might be able to beat in a duel would be Dawn or Papa Bear....
  2. Mikayla- lingerie football player! Awesome! She didnt say much... But definatly the hottest female this season. She reminds me of Stephanie LaGrossa. And if Brandon doesnt go against her, shes definatly going to go far.
  3. Dawn- How... unexpected. I had high hopes for Dawn. But she cried, on Day 2. I doubt her team will keep her around. And she had alot of airtime, shes definatly one of the next to go. But I laughed for awhile when she tried to swing from that vine and it snapped, and when she almost hit her head in a tree branch. Shes a big klutz! So she is my comic releif so far.
  4. Edna- I love that name, its so unique. Shes very interesting and I can tell she is playing the game. Just by helping Coach in the beginning, I could tell she had a little plan. I thought she wouldve been more boring. Im excited to see how she plays. She is pretty too!
  5. Sophie- hmm... I have Sophie in a pool and if she, Coach or Albert wins, I win money (we picked blindly) but anyway, shes different as well. Her looks and her brainpower set her apart from the tribe, and it might be hard for her to fit in... But I do think she can make it to the merge, and once she gets there, it will be easy going for her.
  6. Stacey- Stacey is so cool! Shes like an older NaOnka, but I liked NaOnka! I dont know why recently all the black people on Survivor have been so crazy. Im not raceist, but look at Phillip and NaOnka. Anyway, shes pretty cool though. I loved that she went right past the idol clue! I kinda hops she finds it, but I doubt she will.
  7. Jim- Ugh. He is annoying, but not in a bad way, as of now. It has only been one episode, so my opinion might change...I like that he is a marijuna dealer, a legal one! And he is funny. But he lied and it was a crappy lie, and it was pointless as well...
  8. Ozzy- I used to like Ozzy. I guess it was just that when I was younger I liked his way of being relaxed... But he is not a good leader. He took everyone swimming, and then they slept on the ground, he wasnt very much of a motivator to Dawn.... (he was like "mhmmmm, itll be ok......") ???! No wonder they lost the immunity challenge.
  9. Coach- Woohoo! Dragonslayer! Its weird because I usually dislike Coach and well... He is doing a good job! A better job than Ozzy too! So what if he didnt win reward, his team confused him. But I think Coach is in a good position for now.
  10. Papa Bear- Ok im not against gays either (Im bi...) but was it necessasary to say he was gay, and then tell his teammates to call him 'Papa Bear'? Im confused. But I do like him too. I dont think he will make the merge though, he also had more camera time than the others. But he did help Dawn, and he has a plan, and he's not an old grump (theres been too many old grumps recently). So I do like him, he just.....
  11. Brandon- Ok, I have mixed feelings. I hate Russell. Hes aweful. But Brandon doesnt seem to be so bad. But he did say something about Mikayla, and it reminded me an aweful lot of Russell and Marrisa in Somoa.... a lot of similarities there.... He will have to take his shirt off. I hope Sophie is the one to say something soon, or maybe Coach will make the connection because, Coach was on the same tribe as Russell on Heroes vs. Villians. Anyway, someone will find out. And when someone does, I think he will be done. Maybe not, because he is determied. He could win at Redemption and return... but a secret that big wont be a secret for long.
  12. Cochran- Mixed feelings again. I am a survivor geek so I can feel for Cochran. And he is funny and I dont think he is all that ugly... (he showed his muscles haha they werent so bad..) He has a big confidence issue though. He has to get over that or he will lose, and judging by once again, airtime, I think he will lose.