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Survivor: Philippines Fantasy (EPISODE 12 UPDATE)

Ckarimalis December 6, 2012 User blog:Ckarimalis

Just bumping this because it was slowly being moved back in blog section.

Hello All! With the newest edition of Survivor coming up, I thought us users could participate in a little game! It's Survivor fantasy! (Yes, I know you can play on CBS) But my account never seems to work when I try to play on CBS. So I thought I'd bring the game to the wiki.

How it works: Users can pick 1 man and 1 woman for their team. Over the corse of the game, your team will either win or lose points. At the end of the season, whoever has the most points wins! By the way, you might not have the season's winner on your team, but you can still win the game.


  1. Only wikia registered users can play.
  2. You must pick 1 male and 1 female, they can be from the same starting tribe.
  3. Once your player is eliminated, you cannot swap out for another! When your team is out, you will most likely stop collecting points. See points.
  4. If you know the season's outcome (read spoilers, ect.) DO NOT PARTICIPATE. AND DO NOT SPOIL FOR THE REST OF US.
  5. Each castaway can be used twice (I have Skupin and Denise, but anyone else can still take them). Once someone has been selected twice, they will not be up to be chosen.
  6. No arguing. First come, first serve.


After every episode, the points will be totaled per castaway and added for each team. It is possible to have negative points.

Positive Points

  • Tribe reward win (+10 for everyone on the team, even if your castaway sat out).
  • Tribal immunity win (+20 for everyone on the team).
  • Finds the hidden immunity idol. (+50).
  • Reads Treemail (+5).
  • Uses idol and it negates votes (+20).
  • Wins individual reward (+15) (Does not count if your team member was brought with the winner, only the winner gets points, Survivor Auction, if there is one, doesn't count either).
  • Wins individual immunity (+25).
  • Jury member makes facial expression or whispers (+10).
  • Makes a reference to a previous survivor contestant. (+10).
  • Wins game (+50).
  • Second place (+25).
  • Third Place (+15).
  • Last original member of tribe (+15). 
  • Their Quote is the episode title (+10).

(Ex. Jay says "I'm Bum-Puzzled", he gets 10 points for naming the episode)

  • Handshake (+5 for both parties).
  • Fan Favorite (At finale)(+25).

Negative Points

  • Eliminated (-15).
  • Lose tribal immunity challenge (-10)
  • Sits out in a challenge (-5).
  • Evacuation (-10).
  • Quit (-20).
  • Cries (-5).
  • Fights (Verbal or physical, fights in challenges do not count). (-5).
  • Vote in tribal (-1 per vote).
  • Wastes idol (-15)(eliminated with it in possesion or uses it but it doesn't negate any votes).

Comment who you want on your team below. In addition, ask questions and make point suggestions! Hope this works out!

User Male Choice Female Choice Current Points
Totaldramabrody S25 jonathan bw
Jonathan Penner
S25 lisa t
Lisa Whelchel
Reddude S25 michael t
Michael Skupin
File:S25 abi-maria bw.jpg
Abi-Maria Gomes
Blaine7275 S25 malcolm bw
Malcolm Freberg
S25 denise t
Denise Stapley
Ckarimalis S25 michael t
Michael Skupin
S25 denise t
Denise Stapley
Survivor Philippines S25 artis bw
Artis Silvester
S25 lisa t
Lisa Whelchel
SurvivorHuey S25 artis bw
Artis Silvester
File:S25 abi-maria bw.jpg
Abi-Maria Gomes
Chris7toppei S25 jonathan bw
Jonathan Penner
S25 dana bw
Dana Lambert
Ometepe03 S25 carter bw
Carter Williams
S25 rc bw
R.C. Saint-Amour
Copper5 S25 malcolm bw
Malcolm Freberg
S25 angie bw
Angie Layton
InSpeck S25 jeff bw
Jeff Kent
S25 rc bw
R.C. Saint-Amour
Donosaurus rex S25 carter bw
Carter Williams
S25 katie bw
Katie Hanson
Tdi S25 pete bw
Pete Yurkowski
S25 dawson bw
Sarah Dawson
ShadowLegendX S25 jeff bw
Jeff Kent
S25 dawson bw
Sarah Dawson
Sunslicer2 S25 pete bw
Pete Yurkowski
S25 angie bw
Angie Layton
Las0508 S25 zane bw
Zane Knight
S25 katie bw
Katie Hanson
Survivor321 S25 zane bw
Zane Knight
File:S25 roxy bw.jpg
Roxy Morris
Aerialchinook S25 russell bw
Russell Swan
File:S25 roxy bw.jpg
Roxy Morris
Contestant Current Tribe Total Points Users
S25 malcolm bw Malcolm Freberg
25, Hermosa Beach, CA
Dangrayne 194 Copper5


S25 michael t Michael Skupin
50, White Lake, MI
The Australian Outback
Dangrayne 190 Ckarimalis


S25 jonathan bw Jonathan Penner
50, Los Angeles, CA
Cook Islands & Micronesia
Dangrayne 166 Totaldramabrody


S25 lisa t Lisa Whelchel
49, Dallas, TX
Dangrayne 165 Totaldramabrody

Survivor Philippines

70px Abi-Maria Gomes
32, Los Angeles, CA
Dangrayne 124 Reddude


S25 carter bw Carter Williams
24, Shawnee, KS
Dangrayne 105 Ometepe03

Donosaurus rex

S25 denise t Denise Stapley
41, Cedar Rapids, IA
Dangrayne 104 Ckarimalis


S25 pete bw Pete Yurkowski
24, Holmdel, NJ
Dangrayne 91 Tdi


S25 artis bw Artis Silvester
53, Terry Town, LA
Dangrayne 75 Survivor Philippines


S25 jeff bw Jeff Kent
44, Austin, TX
Dangrayne 70 ShadowLegendX


S25 rc bw R.C. Saint-Amour
27, New York, NY
Dangrayne 61 Ometepe03


S25 dana bw Dana Lambert
32, Winston-Salem, NC
Kalabaw 15 Chris7toppei
S25 katie bw Katie Hanson
22, Newark, DL
Kalabaw 1 Donosaurus rex


S25 dawson bw Sarah Dawson
28, Silver Springs, MD
Kalabaw -5 Tdi


S25 zane bw Zane Knight
28, Danville, VA
Matsing -30 Survivor321


S25 russell bw Russell Swan
45, Glenside, PA
Matsing -44 Aerialchinook
70px Roxy Morris
28, Brooklyn, NY
Matsing -44 Aerialchinook


S25 angie bw Angie Layton
20, Provo, UT
Matsing -54 Copper5


Episode 1 points:

  1. Hanshakes: At the very beginning, Malcolm and Russell shook hands as well as Carter and Penner, + 5 for all.
  2. +20 for everyone on Kalabaw! The first tribe to win immunity!
  3. +10 for Russell for naming the episode "Survivor smacked me in the chops!" And because of this, he is the only Masting member to not have negative points this week.
  4. -10 for all Masting for losing the challenge.
  5. -15 to Zane for being eliminated.
  6. -5 for Zane for 5 votes casted. -1 for Russel for 1 vote casted.
  7. No points for anyone on Tandang.

Episode 2 points:

  1. Name of Episode: Congrats Denise "Don't be blinded by the headlights" +10
  2. Lisa and Roxy both cried, -5
  3. RC and Abi had a verbal fight, -5
  4. +20 to all on Tandang for winning immunity!
  • However, Abi sat out, so she loses 5 points (Dawson does too).
  1. Roxy eliminated -15
  2. 4 votes Roxy, -4, 1 vote Angie, -1
  3. Matsing lost immunity, -10
  4. John Penner finds idol! +50

Episode 3 points:

  1. Name of Episode: "This isn't a 'We' Game" -Jeff Kent +10
  2. Secondly + 20 to all Kalabaw for winning immunity
  3. +50 to Abi for finding the Hidden Immunity Idol!
  4. + 5 to Jonathan Penner and Jeff Kent for a handshake (even though Kent said his didn't count)
  5. -5 to Abi and RC for having another verbal fight...
  6. -5 to Katie, Dawson, Abi and Lisa for sitting out in the challenge (arn't they not supposed to sit out in back to back challenges??)
  7. -10 to all Matsing members for losing the challenge (again...)
  8. -5 to Angie for crying at Tribal Council.
  9. -3 votes Angie, -1 vote Russell
  10. -15 Angie for being eliminated

Episode 4 points:

  1. Name of Episode: "Create a Little Chaos" - Pete +10
  2. +20 for all Tandang for winning immunity.
  3. + 5 to Jonathan and Jeff Kent for shaking hands and another + 5 to Jonathan and Carter shaking hands.
  4. -5 to Abi for fighting (Does she ever quit arguing?)
  5. - 5 to every woman excluding Denise for sitting out at the immunity challenge (sexist much?)
  6. - 10 to guess who? Matsing!
  7. - 2 to Russell (2 votes) - 1 Malcom (1 vote)
  8. - 15 to Russell for elimination.

Episode 5 points:

  1. Episode title "I got my swag back" -Malcolm (probably the worst episode title to date, but he still gets 10 points).
  2. +30 to all Tandang for winning both reward and immunity challenges.
  3. Malcolm found the hidden immunity idol (+50, this is a great week for him!)
  4. Denise read treemail! +5
  5. Dana Quit (-20, how awful of her!)
  6. Kalabaw lost immunity (poor Denise).
  7. Abi sat out (-5, she has done 2 challenes! Wow...)
  8. 5 votes Dawson, 1 Denise (-5, -1)
  9. Dawson eliminated(-15, BEST SNUFF EVER!)
  10. Denise and Jeff handshake (sorry that I missed that!)

Episode 6 points:

  1. Did anyone name this episode? I missed it?
  2. Kalabaw wins reward! +10
  3. Tandang wins immunity +20
  4. Lost immunity challenge -10
  5. RC, Abi, Skupin and Artis sat out in challenges, -5
  6. Katie eliminated, -15
  7. -4 Katie, - 1 Penner (votes)
  • I didn't take off points for the tears of joy of the family mail.

Episode 7 points:

  1. Lisa named this episode "Not the only actor" +10
  2. Lots of hanshakes at the merge, Pete and Denise & Jeff and Malcolm +5
  3. +25 to both Carter and Denise for winning the first individual immunities!
  4. +20 to Jonathan for playing his idol and it working!!!
  5. RC eliminated :( -15
  6. Votes (-4 RC, -2 Pete, -0 Jonathan)

Episode 8 points:

  1. Jeff named this episode (+10)
  2. Reward win for: Penner, Denise, Malcolm, Lisa & Jeff ( +10)
  • I counted this as tribe reward points rather individual award points considering that the tribe won, not just 1 person.
  1. Jeff eliminated (-15)
  2. Votes (- 5 Jeff, -4 Pete, -1 Abi)
  3. Penner wins immunity (+25)
  4. Penner and Skupin shake hands (+5)

Episode 9 points:

  1. Lisa named this episode (Little Miss Perfect)(+10)
  2. Reward for: Penner, Denise, Malcolm and Carter! (+10)(Again, it was a tribe reward win!)
  3. Abi sat out (-5)
  4. Skupin wins Immunity (+25)
  5. Lisa Cried (-5)
  6. Artis eliminated (-15)
  7. Votes (5 Artis, 4 Penner)
  8. Jeff and RC both had great tribal expressions! (+10)

Episode 10 points:

  1. Denise named this episode (Whiners are Weiners)(+10)
  2. Reward for: Abi, Peter, Carter and Malcolm (team win)(+10)
  3. Carter wins immunity (+25)
  4. Abi cried (-5)
  5. Pete eliminated (-15)
  6. Votes (3 Pete, 2 Macolm, ABI'S NOT COUNTED)
  7. Artis had a great smile! (+10)
  8. Abi played her idol and it negated points! (+20)
  9. 4 way handshake (Skupin, Lisa, Malcolm & Denise)(+5)(How do I always miss these?)

Episode 11 points:

  1. Malcolm names the episode (Hell hath frozen over)(+10)
  2. No reward points given becuase it seems like everyone won some reward. Except Carter, poor kid, why did he have to forfeit his potatoe when no one else did... Ha then he had to share his second win...
  3. Abi with the immunity win! (+25)
  4. Abi cried (-5)
  5. Abi is also the first treemail reader this season! +5
  6. Im not gonna count jury reactions  this time, they were sub-par.
  7. Penner eliminated (-15)
  8. This also makes Carter the last Kalabaw standing, (+15)
  9. Votes -4 Penner, -3 Denise. 

Episode 12 points:

  1. Lisa named this episode (Shot into smitherines)(+10)
  2. Malcolm wins reward and immunity!! (+40)
  3. Reactions were bad, crying doesnt count because they were tears of joy.
  4. Carter eliminated (-15)
  5. Votes (-5 Carter, -1 Abi)

Episode 13 points:

  1. Denise named the episode (Gouge my eyes out)(+10)
  2. Skupin wins reward. (+15).
  3. Denise cried. (Spider bite ouch >.<)(-5)
  4. Malcolm wins immunity. (+25)
  5. Abi eliminated (-15).
  6. Votes (-1 Denise, -4 Abi)
  7. Penner gives finger (+10)

Episode 14 points:

  1. Names episode???
  2. Malcolm wins reward (+15).
  3. Skupin wins final immunity (+25).
  4. Denise and Malcolm read treemail (+5).
  5. Malcolm eliminated (-15).
  6. Votes (-3 Malcolm, -1 Denise).
  7. Handshake Skupin and Malcolm (+5).
  8. Penner mentions Phillip Sheppard (+10).
  9. WINNER DENISE!! (+50).
  10. Second Skupin and Denise (+25).
  11. Denise was the final Matsing standing (+15).
  12. Lisa is fan favorite! (+25).

Please let me know if I missed anything!

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