Ok so all this week ive been looking forward to this episode and well I guess I was more looking forward to this blog, idk. Anyway, Episode 2 "He has Demons", was a pretty..... lame episdoe. I liked last weeks, I did, but the episdoe this week was like idk too... planned. It seemed really played out to me. Im going to reaccess the cast first again. Oh and its not that I forgot about 6 contestants last time, I just wanted to limit myself to the 12 that made the biggest impression in that episode, and I will continue to keep to 12 until only 12 are left :

Semhar: Yes she hasn't lost yet. I wish she had more ambition to be in the game, and I liked her poem. My dad thinks she is nuts but she's probably a pretty cool person, I just don't think she is a good fit for the game.


Ozzy- Oh boy. This is where I felt like this episode was planned! He found the idol up in a tree! Of course he did! Ozzy has found idols before! But come on! There is no way that Cochran, Pappa Bear or Dawn would have ever gotten that idol, even with the clue, they would not have climbed that tree. I feel like it was placed there for him to find. And (this is a big prediction) If no one finds the idol at Upolu (and judgeing by the clue, its gotta be up in a tree like Ozzys) watch the two teams merge and live on Upolus beach and Ozzy find the 2nd idol? (THIS BETTR NOT HAPPEN!) I did like Ozzy in seasons before, but now I just kinda feel bad for the other players... He is strong and Im not saying they should vote him out but... he does have to go... like immediatly after the merge.

Jim- Jims plan of 5 is an excellent plan. Jim is a thinker. And he didn't come off as so annoying this time around. I am pretty sure that Jims plan will be carried out. His alliance of 5 with Ozzy, Keith, Whitney and Elyse, will most likely beat out Pappa Bear, Dawn and Cochran. I just think it will. But Jim, you aren't cool enough to sit at the cool table. And when its just those 5 left, I think Ozzy will keep the girls over you. (He already shared his thoughts about Semhar). Jim needs to see this coming and get rid of Ozzy before Ozzy can get rid of him.

Cochran- You opened a coconut! Great Job! Cochran is funny at times but he seems to be like a Stephen Fishbach wannabe. His smarts might keep him around awhile but if push comes to shove, and theres only 6 Savaii left, Cochran will go. I dont think he will make the merge.

Keith- Why hasnt Keith had more airtime? He definatly has a cool story which needs to be heard. I guess we will hear more from him later... He has a cool tattoo too. And good thinking "Watch with eyes of a hawk!" I think Keith, and Jim are the only ones on Savaii thinking in long term, which is good!

Dawn- Its not that I dont like Dawn, she is just less... entertaining. And no way, Holly Hoffman was way better than Dawn, mentally, strategically and physically. The random things that link these two together are interesting, but I dont think they are much alike besides the early breakdown. (But Dawns breakdown was even earlier, and she didnt bury anyones 1400 dollar shoes!) Dawn is no Holly.... just saying.


Brandon- Gosh. I dont think I can take a whole season of him... and Im afraid I'll have to... I was hoping he'd be less "Russelly" but nope, to me, he is alot like his uncle, except he isnt idol hungry. Why Mikayla? Why? What? I was so confused. She is very attractive, but she is probably the strongest female on Upolu. But she hasnt flirted with him at all. Voting her out first? Bad move. He showed Coach his tattoo? Why? What was to gain besides trust? But then again, Coach's trust is always good to have, he'd die for you. But..... winning Coach over is east to do. I do admire that he confessed at tribal, at least Christine wouldn't have to leave being so confused. But really? It wasnt very necessary. I guess he probably wanted to avoid Stacey's wrath.... but he is going to get it anyway... He does have demons! And that line made me laugh so hard. I love Coach (but Ill get to him in a sec). Brandon needs to get his act together. He is thinking way too far ahead. Yes sooner than later Mikayla will have to go, but definatly not now, or next week or the next week.... And one more reason why he is like Russell.... Is he crying next week???

Coach- Ok so I really didn't like Tochantins Coach, he was whiny and just Phillip-ish. In Heroes vs. Villians, I didnt really pay much attention to him beacuse I was more interested in other players. But for some reason, now I just love Coach. Coach 3.0 or whatever he is going by rocks! He says the funnist things... and at tribal when he randomly threw Christine and Stacey under the bus I just couldn't stop lauging. Anyways, Coach is pretty cool "Could you give me some privacy Mikayla? Oh here comes Stacey..." who'd say that, Coach would. I am still shocked that almost the whole tribe looks up to him. But he is doing good. They were close in the challenge.... but the loss wasnt just Coach's fault. Im very excited to see how Coach would fair on Redemption Island.

Edna- Ok she is an aweful liar, I just had to put that out there. She could not keep it together in front of Christine. And lying is ok in Survivor, but when your a bad liar, ooh thats bad... I like Edna, she is cool, and very smart for aligning with Coach. I like those two together.

Christine- To be honest, I didnt say anything about Christine last week beacuse I figure'd she'd be around for awhile. She did seem insecure, and her team notices as she looked for the idol the first 6 days. But I liked her. I didnt think she was stupid or weak. And she wasnt so bad socially, she was friendly with Stacey. I guess Christines downfall was... calling out Coach? I dont know why she did it... It didn't work out well for Francesca Hogi last season. But I wish Christine could've been around a few more episodes, I think she would've been very entertaining.

Mikayla- Mikayla is interesting as well. I liked when Jeff called her out. Her exit would've been very quiet if she was the one to go. I hope she was enlightened about survivor, and I really hope she makes an effort to get Brandon out. I really do, if she doesn't, then I guess I had the wrong impression of her.

Stacey- Ivanornels, I think after last night's episode you see how Stacey is somewhat crazy. She is loud, but entertaining! And she is strong, I wish she wasnt on the outs. But her going "BOOM!" And "Thats right!" And "Yaher!" (well i cant remember if she said Yaher! but....) is what gave me the title for this post.

As for Savaii: Great job winning the challenge! I didnt think this team would do so good.

As for Redemption Island: Semhar vs. Christine. Christine will definatly win, definatly. And I hope she wins afew just so shes around for afew more episodes.(but she wont be the next Matt/Andrea)

As for hidden idols: I thought hiding the clue would be a good idea, make idol-finding harder. But it cant get harder if the idols are in trees waiting for Ozzy to find them. They need to go back to burying the idol, no one will find it on the first few episodes, in fact, no one will find it without a clue.

Hidden clues: So normally, if your voted out with the idol, they re-hide it. But Christine isn't really out yet. So will they re-hide the clue? Or wait for her to be eliminated, then re-hide a clue. (im sure they wont wait for her to be eliminated but I think It'd be a good idea.

Reward challenges: I miss them!