The possibilities are narrowing down after last Wednesday's episode. Here's what I think of the episode itself and the remaining castaways.

Family Phone Call-

I usually enjoy seeing the family episodes of Survivor, it just always makes me remember that these people are sane.

Coach's brother came this time. Remember when his student came when he was on Tochantins? I was surprised to see that he had a brother. They had a striking resemblance.

And Shawn Hantz came as well. Thank God Russell didnt end up being there, I wouldve been so mad if he was on the Survivor beach again. Im sick of Hantz's they just need to get out of Survivor. His dad tried to set him straight though, and now I clearly see that Brandons loyalty lies with Coach.

I was dieing when Rick, who hasnt seen his wife in more than 30 days, grabs her ass! He is just so cool, I wanna hear what he has to say (I guess though if its boring/unimportant it gets edited out though).

But why didnt Ozzy and Cochran's loved ones show up? Didnt Ralph, and Mike and Matt's family members show up last time? I cant remember.


Redemption Island:

Cochran was so close! I wanted him to win so bad! His ball went in and out of the last hole, but he lost. He was a very interesting contestant though, but I'm kinda glad he is out. But I do wish he had beat Ozzy.


Coach- Im so glad to see that Coach has stuck to his word the whole way through. He isnt changing his gameplan or the way he is. He is loyal. If he gets to the final 3, I think he will win no matter what (unless Ozzy gets there...) which is a good thing, he has played a very fair game.

Albert & Sophie- Im thinking either these two are next, or its Rick & Brandon who go home. I've been waiting for them to make a game changing move for so long! Now I'm losing faith, because I dont think they are going to do anything. However, Sophie showed interest in taking Brandon to the Final 3 because she doesnt think anyone likes him. This would mean Coach would have to go. I'm still waiting for one of these two to take initiative in getting ridof Coach, but I think now they have waited to long and have missed their chance.

Brandon- He will not vote for Coach. He is either going to be voted out next episode, or go to the end with Soph & Al. He is really annoying. He was liek screaming "TREE MAILL" when Edna was talking with Coach. I really want him to be voted out, but I dont want Sophie and Albert to miss their chances at winning.

Rick- Is going to be the swing vote in the next episode! Haha, finally his decision will matter because Sophie and Al will vote together and Coach and Brandon will (unless Coach is trying to vote out Brandon). He is going to have to take a side, and now is why I think Sophie and Albert have missed their chance at winning. I think Rick will take Coach's side. He did back when it was Christine or Stacey.... He took Coach's side, he will again.

I think Brandon is most likely to be voted out in the next episode. I want him out too. But really, anything is possible.


Ozzy vs. Edna

Looks like it will be another tight battle. I am still waiting for Ozzy to lose! I think he will. Remember all the challenges Matt won, then he lost in the last battle? I think Ozzy can still goof up and still lose, and I think he will. I've got my fingers crossed for Edna!