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South Pacific: Episode 9

Ckarimalis November 10, 2011 User blog:Ckarimalis

Ok, ive skipped my normal blogs for awhile, but now, Im back!

Keith- He wasnt my favorite guy. I wish we heard something about his pacemaker, but obviously, it didnt affect the outcome of the game so it seems less important now. I liked how chill he was on RI.

Te Tuna-

Jim- Is a big bully. He is mean. Plain and simple. Haha, I remember liking/disliking him throught this season. Now I dislike him. Calling Cochran a coward was rude. Its a game! Cochran made his own choice, this stuff happens all the time, get with it, and get over it!

Ozzy- I dont think he was much of a nice guy either. He ws supposed to be a leader, he wasnt. Leaders dont act that way. Im glad he got sent back to RI.

Dawn- Dawn is awesome still. Coolest Savaii member! (Still not as good as Holly). But shes strong in challenges, and smart. I hope next week it wont be her that gets the boot. And, actually, i hope she can outlast afew Upolu members.

Cochran- Ok, the comments on Cochran's page lead me to believe that i might start some battle with what I say. I do think Cochran is annoying. He is fickle, and he talks to much and thinks to much, he just has to chill out. But, his move was a good one (not THE BEST MOVE IN SURVIVOR HISTORY!!!) as some people like to say. I am glad that he jumped ship. I am glad that he sent Keith, Jim and Ozzy out, and I hope he gets Whitney next. They deserve it. Had he stuck to the Savaii 6, he wouldve place 6th, no doubt. And I think once Whitney and Dawn are out, he wont be the next one. Sophie and Albert want to play a good game and I think that they need Cochran. I think they will keep him around to get rid of Coach or Brandon, or both (wishful thinking... hahah). I think he did make a good move.

Coach- Coach is doing really good this season. I like him, he is keeping his tribe together good and he isnt so wild. Not that being wild is a bad thing.... But he needs to go soon. Because if he makes it to the end i actually think he has a shot at winning.... :/

Whiteny- HA! Your a bully too! I dislike Whitney now "YOU DISGUST ME!!!!". Why did she have to be so mean? I guess shes just mad her boyfriend Keith got voted out. Ha! (I dont really like her...she reminds me of some people i know). I hope she is next.

Brandon- Brandon has cooled down. He's not so bad. I have an aweful feeling that he will make it to the end and win, and a Hantz winning is not good..... Im afraid of Hantz vs. Hantz. God I wont watch that season.

Sophie- Yay! I like Sophie. She's good in challenges too. And she is very smart as well. I hope her and Al try to take out Coach and Brandon.

Albert- He is good. I like him and Sophie together.

Edna- she really hasnt had much to say recently

Rick- he hasnt really had much to say at all...ever....But im liking his 'stace, GO MOVEMBER!

Redemption Island:

Jim vs. Keith vs. Ozzy.

If one persone is to win, i think it will be Ozzy.

If two people are to win then I think it will be Ozzy and Jim, and Keith will go home.

So the only thing Im pretty sure on is Keith will go home, but thats just a guess. But I really want Ozzy to lose, he has had his shot twice now...

One more thing, as of episode 9, Ozzy has spent 90 days in the game (39 (cook islands) + 27 (Micronesia) + 24 (South Pacific)- if he were to lose before he got to 100 days I'd laugh, but I think he has a shot at lasting 10 more.

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