Here I is once again to write up some cast reviews! They seem short to me this week.... I think its beacuse this week there seemed to be a lack of any character development.

Redemption Island:

Elyse- There is really not much I have to say about Elyse. I didnt see any gameplay from her other than snuggling with Ozzy. Sometimes, snuggling works, but Im glad it didnt this time. Bye Elyse.

Christine- She might as well start planning about what she'll do once she is back in the game. I loved when she gave Rick and Sophie the finger! Great job once agian. Bring all Hell when you return!


Dawn- Great job pushing that wheelbarrel, you challenge beast! She makes Cochran look like a whimp, I pray she outlasts him.

Ozzy- Your DUMB! Ok if you didnt watch then you wont know why I think he is stupid, but Im pretty sure I dont have to explain my reasoning. Next week it looks like he is telling the others to get rid of him, I kinda hope they do, he is just boring. However, I would also like to see him tell everyone to vote him out, then use the idol to get rid of whomever he chooses! Then i might root for Ozzy again, but then again, it might be too early to make a move like that out of spite.

Keith- Ok, nice job. I like how he got Ozzy to apologize and how he kinda scolded Ozzy like he's played more than him....Keith is alright, but he needs to stop hanging with Whitney or she will share the fate of Elyse.


Ben (Coach) Wade- C'mon! My liking for Coach dropped so much this episode. He went back to D-bag mode to me...Let me start by saying that in the challenge, Albert was the only one who hit a target (Im sure im right, but correct me if im wrong). So who the Hell are you to say that Mikayla is shooting wrong, if your not hitting any targets either? Uck, and why keep Edna? She is weak, but hopefully there will be a puzzle or something in the next challenge or two. But what if they lose again? Then will Edna go? Hopefully. Lost some respect for Coach...

Brandon- Well, at least the witch-hunt for Mikayala has ended. But Brandon has some serious problem. If you wanted to vote Enda out, why didnt you? Just do it, its a game, get over God. He wont help you in a game. I will say, that Brandon has proved to be the most honest person in this game... (Yes more honest than Ben himself!) He cant keep any secrets, which, obviously, will be his downfall.

Mikayla- She is the most boring and least determined Upolu member. Did she even want to be in the game? To me, it didn't seem so...And like I didnt see how shooting with one hand was bad, but when it wasnt working, and Coach was telling you to shoot with 2 hands, why wouldnt you at least try with 2? I would, just to humor Coach, so he wouldnt have shit to say later if we were going to lose.

Sophie- Im kinda glad she is just the laid back girl on the team. I think she has her game planned all out. And I have a feeling that she will do really good. I think she sees Christine returning too.

Rick- I lost my hope in Rick too, I thought he knew what he was doing. I would definatly wouldve voted out Edna and chose to be on Albert and Sophie's side rather than vote off Mikayla and take Coach and crazy Brandons side. OR, If I had been in his shoes and knew that I was the swing vote, I wouldve wasted it, and voted say... Brandon. Tied the vote, and let the two vs. each other in something (ex. fire building) and whoever was truly worthy of staying would stay...

Albert- knows what he is doing. He is the smartest Upolu member, and I think if him and Jim were to meet up, they'd own the game. Anyways, great try, I dont know why Rick didnt pick your side. I wouldve. But If you can keep winning your teams challenges, (great job hitting those targets) then you wont have to watch our team make dumb mistakes.

Challenge was once again a good one. For the most part, the immunity/reward challenges this season are good (save the dumb weight one).

Christine vs. Mikalya:

Christine wins, and if she doesnt, I will be mad that dumb Mikayla stays...

I have to go off one Upolu. They are making some bad choices. And I think it is beacuse of the Hantz fear of strong women. Sophie better watch out because if Upolu loses again, It'll proably be her.

Ok, time for a debate. What is your stand on honor vs. strength and strenght in numbers? I think a team needs to make a unified decision, regardless of the circumstances to truly be honorable and integrite. Because when a team fails to make a unified decision, loyalty is tested. And also, I believe honorty and integrity dont truly matter in this game (OK I'LL EXPLAIN). Becuase If you were to vote out your weaker players from the start (regardless of character, loyalty...) Your team would win challenges. Therefore, you wouldnt have to hurt others feelings at tribal, and then, over the course of 2-3 weeks, your team will bond and so, come the merge, you have loyalty and trust already. I think you can create a person who can be loyal to you in survivor. Sure, that person may not be nice, but when you win challenges and kill the other team (Survivor: Palau) you remove the chances of a switch come the merge, and then you can vote out who you didnt like. Thats just my say. Yes, a solid core can defeat another tribe (Survivor: Samoa) But I think in the first half of the game, trust/loyalty/character or whatever Coach and Brandon want to call it, doesnt matter. You can create a sense of security amongst others by simply voting out the weak, and by the second half of the game, things change, but if ou've won most of the challenges, it wont matter anyway.

So, I leave you with a question, where do you stand on the whole honor/integrity vs. Strength/strength in #'s?

Oh and I dont think ill get pictures this week...