Whats up wikiers? Sorry this post is late, but Ive been busy this week! GREAT EPISODE! Read, enjoy, comment! Thanks!

Redemption Island:

Stacey- Once again Ive failed to realize that the redemption island challenge will never be only a strength challenge. Stacey (one of my favorites this season) lost. But to me it looked as if she wasnt really trying, or at least, she didnt plan ahead, and gave up halfway through. Im glad she still had her speech, and she called out Albert, Sophie and... "Benjamin". I am also glad the editors gave us like 2 minutes of time before the challenge where Stacey and Christine were just talking. They're really fun to watch together, she did alright for a strong-spoken woman.

Christine- Wow, shes won 3 challenges now! She's doing pretty good, and had she stayed in the game, she probably wouldve made it really far, (not like she still can't). I hope she keeps winning, I like her spirit. And, great job spacing! And Excellent saves, she almost dropped the ball...


Jim- So, I originally didnt like Jim, but now I really like him! He made a GREAT move. Recognizing Ozzy saying "yeah, Coach should get rid of Albert" and using that against him is great.

Dawn- I also didnt like Dawn at first but now Im falling for her, not romantically... But she rocks! Shes beaten Stacey in a challenge and Elyse in a socail/stradegy way. I hope her broken tooth doesnt cause any medical problem.... cause that would stink to be evacuted for an infection in your mouth or something, which also makes me wonder, what would happen to the Redemption Islander, if someone was evacuted, or quit?

Cochran- Ha! I hope he makes Ozzy cry! Little Cochran saved himself once again! The whole herpes thing made me laugh! But I hope he doesnt start to get too.... Cochy, considering Ozzy has the idol and if I was Ozzy id waste it just to get rid of him becuase I wouldnt like him....

Ozzy- This is what you get for being lazy and thinking your big and bad! I really kinda hope he just loses, I really dont like Ozzy this time around. Next week looks good, him saying "Im gonna just play for myself" might be his downfall. But he does have afew choices. He could get his whole team to vote for him, and then play the idol to vote out whoever he wanted, which is what I'd do to a bunch of traitors. And If I was Ozzy, Id take out either Cochran or Jim, probably Cochran because he isnt as physically strong as Jim. And after using the idol, all he'd have to do is climb afew more trees to find another one. But I hope Elyse going to R.I. was an eye-opener, and he better start pulling his weight because if he doesnt, his last shot for the million is over!

Whitney- I dont understand her with Keith. I mean, Elyse just got voted out for being too close to Ozzy and last year it was Matt for being with Andrea, so I dont know why she thinks cuddling with Keith is good. She might be targeted next, or Keith might. Also, why'd they vote for Dawn. Voting for her still got Elyse out, and betrayed Ozzy. And by voting for Dawn the rest of their alliance, might be confused. If your gonna blindside someone, just vote them out and have some dignity!

Elyse- Well she had a cute, short run. But this season isn't going to be like the last one! AND IM SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT! But all hope isnt lost, she can still win at R.I. But I could care less about Elyse, did she even do anything?


Benjamin (Coach) - Ok, there is no way he found that idol all by himself, I though Ozzy finding it was planned out but Coach finding an idol? It must be the end of the world! And from now on I will try to only call him Benjamin, becuase his outburst was great "Even my parents call me Coach!". I hope come the merge Savaii calls him Ben! Haha that'd be great! I pray, that he does NOT tell Brandon about the idol, because I have a feeling Brandon would convince him to give him the idol... :/ But I do like the Albert-Sophie-Benjamin mini alliance I saw this episode.

Sophie- She might be my other female favorite this season, she is pretty cool, and upon seeing her on Day 1, I thought she might be a first boot, but now I think she can make it to the merge and if she does, she can make it to the end because she wouldnt be seen as a physical threat.

Rick- Upon seeing meat "Thats nice!" hahahah does he only speak with 2 word phrases. "He Snores!"

Albert- He seems to get more interesting as we get more into the game. Im glad he set off to look for the idol, and his mini-alliance found it. I hope Upolu can use this idol as a team, it be cool to see them take apart Savaii. And Im excited to see more of this Dating Coach as the game progresses.

The Challenge: EXCELLENT! I was laughing the whole entire time! They were spitting in each others faces and picking meat from each others teeth (GREAT JOB DAWN!) We need to see this challenge again, not that dumb one we saw last week. I also liked this one because there was no one to blame for preforming poorly, you wouldnt be able to tell who had more/less meat. Also, great job Mikayla for getting that piece that Rick dropped, that, in my opinion is the extra 2 ounces that Upolu won with!

Christine vs. Elyse:

Well.... Christine, but this is me playing favorties, I like Christine more than Elyse and I want to see her win a fourth time, but I think Elyse might have a chance. Ill be biting my nails next week for sure though!

Last weeks pictures?: Ok so CBS didnt upload pics last week unitl monday, and there were only 7 and they werent really good pictures, so this week (they still arent up on CBS) I looked online and I found afew to upload, Ill add official ones from CBS if they're added and they're worth seeing!