Hmm. Well last nights episode could've been worse. I didn't like it, but your about to read my opinions now, if your not interested, feel free to leave!

Redemption Island:

Once again, we saw nothing of the two eliminatees at Redemption Island beach just hanging out, I wish we'd get to see alittle more about them than just the duels.

Pappa Bear- I kinda thought he would lose, but he gave a really good effort! He tried very well, and Im glad he proved his police buddies wrong and was on the show. He was also a good sport, (haha, I was thinking if he would give Christine his shirt like Semhar gave her sweater....). Anyways, it seemed like he had bonded with Christine alittle, considering they're both from New York. This is the end for Big Poppa, he was cool I guess, I liked his ambiton and he never gave up!

Christine- Alright! 2 for 2! I think she is about to pass the most time spent on Redemption Island for a female, and I think shes got the higest Redemption Island winning streak, compared to a female ( I cant remember how many Andrea won). She is very cool and confident, and great at the challenges, and I like her, but I think she has some stronger competiton on the way.


Jim: Uh, ok so I cant make my mind up about Jim. One week he seems all there and the next week he doesnt. Maybe thats the magic of editing! But this week I liked him, he seems to be thinking ahead, thinking about losing Elyse, which to me, sounds like a reallly good idea. I just dont know how Jim will carry out his plan without messing up, he might make some obvious lies!

Dawn: Whoa! Im loving Dawn now, the way she beat Stacey in the challenge was just awesome! Im all for Dawn now, which stinks beacuse, whenever I start to like someone, they get voted out...

Cochran: Im liking Cochran now too. He's cool, and I want him, Jim and Dawn to mess up the Savaii 5, intentionally or not! I like these three more than the rest of Savaii.

Elyse: In my eyes, she is "dead weight", she is the Natalie and Ashley of last season. I hope maybe once I hear more from her, my mind will change but I doubt it. I hope she doesnt ride coattails to the end! And I really just hope they can get rid of her...........


Brandon: Gosh, he is such a baby. I understand getting rid of the older team members, but why have castaways of recent seasons forgotten that its good to vote out the youngest first too? He cannot handle this game! He should be in line to go. And if he stays, he is going to spill the beans and ruin someones game. He'll probably mess up his allicance come the merger.

Coach: Come on Coach! Pull your team together, you couldve done better after the challenge keeping everyone calm! And I hope Brandon saying "How many people in the past have screwed you over?" shows you that he is a wild card, who isnt safe to keep around.

Stacey: Nooooooo! I really like Stacey, haha! She made me laugh so much this episode. Like when Coach said he liked her and she silently cursed him out behind his back, and when she made fun of Edna. I dont think it was her fault that Upolu lost, however, she shouldve been able to beat Dawn, but then again, she was holding the pole with the weight on her butt. Anyways, I will say the same thing about Stacey that I said about Christine, I wish I had seen more of her!

Edna: Ok, I get that she is trying to play it safe, but when someone tells you that you are on the outside of an alliance, do you just believe them? I wouldnt! Edna seems to be having a hard social game, which is going to mess her up. However, she did make her chances worse trying to fit in with the rest of her grumpy group by trying to make small talk.

Rick: "He Snores!" lol, why arent you on my TV more?

Albert: I think its Alberts fault that Upolu lost! Yes, Stacey shoudlve beaten Dawn, but had Albert not randomly dropped his weight... he wouldve gotten 20 more pounds, and then Stacey wouldve beaten Dawn for sure! And I do think that Albert owned up to losing the challenge, but beacuse of editing, we didnt see that.

The challenge: AWEFUL! What a boring challenge, that required no teamwork at all! And we've seen it like 3 times now!

Upolus hug? Has this ever happened before? Like usually one or two people give/ get hugs before leaving but the whole tribe? You just voted someone out! I wouldn't want to hug them either! GO Stacey! (This made me laugh too)

Next week-

Christine vs. Stacey: Yeah, Christine has won the past two challenges, and I like both of these girls, but Im thinking that Stacey will win the next challenge. Just beacuse she seems more determined, and she is definatly stronger (physically) than Christine. But once again, I like both of these girls! Oh and I hope we see alittle of the two before the duel...

Challenge? By the preview, it looks epic! They're like eating a pig carcass, it looks grossly awesome! Im pumped to see Dawn just shoving her face into that pig thing!

Pictures soon!