Well, its Thursday and you know what that means: BLOG TIME! This episode was better than the last, in my opinion. In this weeks blog, Ill mention 2 people who I havent yet and say goodbye to someone else!

Redemption Island:

Ok, I really thought Semhar was going to lose all week long and then I finally remebered that the Redemption Island challenges weren't really good challenges. When I saw that you only had to hold this little tiki thing on a pole I thought it was a more fair game. And I actually thought Semhar had a chance. But then it toppled over and she burned her buff.... I'll hope the challenges get better but I know that they wont...

Semhar- This spoken words artist looked dead at the challenge. Ok, so this week I've been watching 'The Walking Dead' on AMC, its really good..... But when Semhar hobbled into the arena she looked like she hadnt eaten or slept in weeks... She just looked aweful. Her poem was....something else. "Id deliver 10 of your babies"... wtf? But all in all, she tried her best. And she was a good sport, and she gave Christine her shaw/scarf thing. I hope she has lots of success at doing whatever she does... but I think Survivor is best without her.

Christine- Woohoo! Great job Christine. I like her, even though I dont think anyone else does. I'm guessing she became good friends with Semhar at Redemption, in order for Sem to give her her shawl thingy. I thin Christine is pretty cool. However, I dont think she'll make it back into the game...


Keith- So this week, Ozzy decided to tell Keith that he had the idol, and what did Keith do? He told Whitney. *I felt like clapping*. This is a great move! Because, in survivor, being a male, having a close female ally seems to work better than another male. Russel made it to the end twice with girls. Remember Amanda, Courtney and Todd? I think a Keith-Whitney alliance is a good one. Also, being able to easily tell about Ozzy made me think that Keith isn't set on taking him far after the merge. He is already thinking ahead. GREAT!

Pappa Bear- Well, the challenge didn't work out to good for him. Im glad that Pappa Bear saw his elimination was coming and he tried to stir the pot. I love it when this happens! Pappa Bear has definatly watched SURVIVOR over the years. Anyway, he marched into the woods and stuffed his pants with a rock and came back out smiling! Great job! He tried and I admired his effort. I'm also glad he told Cochran that he'd be next, maybe Cochran will step his game up. AND, I'm glad he tried even harder to stir things up at tribal, and he told it like it is. Jim is definatly in the hotseat of the alliance of 5. Also, Im glad he said he wouldn't go back to his team if he came back. Excellent! Dont make the same mistake as Matt Elrod.

Jim- Ok, so Im still not 100% for or against Jim yet, but right now I just dont really like him. He is kinda...dumb. He isn't thinking in the long run. And yes, survivor is day by day but you have to have a plan as you get further along and Jim just thinks he can get rid of the girls once it gets down to five. WRONG. I doubt he will take Pappa Bears warning seriously, but Pappa Bear is right!

Dawn- Great job! I didnt really hear much from her but she seems to have dropped back under the radar a bit. Good for her. She did great at the challenge...except for like missing the platform and falling into the water. Lol she is a klutz but she's funny to watch. I hope she makes it another elimination over Cochran...

Whitney- I like Whitney more than Elyse. I havent seen much of these two but they remind me more and more of the boring Ashley Underwood and Natalie Tenerelli that we saw last season. I hope they dont praise Ozzy like last seasons girls did to Rob, but I think they will. Anyways, Whitney is in a good postition with Keith, and its good that she knows about the idol, I hope she tells her friend Elyse and the word spreads.


Brandon- My oh my, will he just go away? Im hoping he is getting like half the shows air because he is one of the next to be voted out, but I dont know... maybe he makes it to the end, gosh I hope not. I'm beginning to think he isn't mentally capable for this. He is going bonkers with the good vs. evil. I just wish he'd stop crying and choose. Go ahead and be evil, its just a game, and God wont punish you for that. I really hope he goes soon and I think now after showing his tattoos, he's gone soon.

Coach- Another victory for Upolu! Thats about all I can say, Coach is doing really good this season! I like him this time around!

Rick- I want to hear more from you, and your mustache rocks! I know he has applied for the show 14 times, I really want to see him more, he probably has alot of thoughts... ugh, I hope he makes it far!

Sophie- She is cool too. She has things planned out as well. By the looks of it, she is closest with Albert, I guess someone notices that on the next episode. I think Sophie will be around for awhile, which is all good.

Mikaya- I felt so bad, she was just all alone and no one went and sat and talked to her. She was crying too, I would've gone over and atleast said something. But she is tough, and I doubt she'll quit, but I do feel bad. Brandon is just a jerk for tageting her for no reason...

Christine vs. Pappa Bear?: I dont know who will win the duel next week. The boring Redemption Island challenges are anyones game. I think Christine is stronger though, and more coordinated (did you see Pappa Bear at the challenge...sheesh) And I cant take Pappa Bear seriously. Even typing his name here I get a good laugh, why would you want to be called that anyway? Personally, I like Pappa Bear, like Semhar he is probably real nice in person, but I dont think he is a good fit for the game. I also like Christine more than I guess I am rooting for her alittle. But its anyones game...

Yesterdays challenge: Was AWESOME! Coachs hook skills shone once again! And the whole board surfing thing was hilarious and cool at the same time! The challenges this year altogether have been pretty good, but as far as now, yesterdays challenge rocked, I feel like I haven't seen a water challenge in awhile either.

Tribe Shuffle?: I dont know, I have a hunch that next week or the week after there might be a tribe switch-up, and I kinda hope so, It will really save/hurt some people.

This week Ive been thinking... wouldn't it be better if the Redemption Island challenges were at night? I mean, theres never any night challenges (unless they're at tribal council?). I think a night challenge would be cool. The arena could be lit by fire, buff burning would be a little less.... weird and the walk of shame wouldn't be as awkward (at day its just wierd to me...) Anyone else have similar thought about Duels at night?

Finally, I just wanted to ask before wasting my time and getting the page deleted but, Could I make a page that listed Survivors in order of how many days lasted? Starting with Mariano at top with 114 days....? I'd like a page that had everyones count.... I just wouldnt know where it would fit in here on this wiki?

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