Another Double elimination? Savaii's demise and more in this weeks blog,

Redemption Island-

Jim Logan Rice III- lol what a nice name.... He lost first. Im glad, he was my least favorite guy there, he seemed like a bully.

Keith- Peace out. You and your compass tattoo are gone. Glad his pacemaker story had nothing to do with this season's plot.

Ozzy- As of the end of this episdoe, Ozzy is up to a total of 93 days in Survivor. I kinda hope he makes it to 100, but I really dont want him back in the game because if he makes it back, I think all of the Savaii jury will vote for him. I dont want him to win.

Dawn- Awe, Dawn was probably my favorite Savaii. She was smart, and really nice. She didnt sell out her team either. I hope she wins at RI.

Whitney- I dont like her all to much either.

Cochran- Yes, I dont really like Cochran. It will be very interesting to see what happens next. Will he be ousted? Or will there be a change-up? I for one hope that there is a change-up. I think Cochran turning on his team was good. Savaii would've voted him out had they gotten down to 6, he would've been 6th place. I think he made the right move.

Edna- Its not Survivor: Outclean, Outorganize, Outtalk. Haha, Albert was right on. I hope she is not taken to the end of the game as a waste of space. She was pretty cool during the first half of the show and I was rooting for her but she doesnt seem to be strategizing, unless her stradegy is to go to the end with Coach, which it seems to be....But then again, she was the 6th spot back at Upolu, so maybe her time is coming.

Albert & Sophie- These two can be grouped together. They are a strong alliance, and I am rooting for these two. They were risky hanging out with Whitney and Dawn. I wish they had made the move and got rid of Edna, and changed up the game, but I see how that plan could have backfired. I worry that Coach will target these two, because Albert is strong and Sophie keeps winning immunity, and the both of them are being distant with Coach. But I hope these two are the ones who change things up, get rid of Coach by undermining him and getting rid of Enda, and going to the finale.

Coach- Coach is playing his best game. But im rooting for the underdogs Albert and Sophie. I think Coach will take Enda/Rick/Cochran to the final 4. Rick and Edna arent really playing strategic games, and Savaii doesnt like Cochran, except for maybe Dawn... So if Coach is thinking, these guys would be his perfect line-up. The only problem is I really dont think any of these people are deserving, except maybe Coach and Cochran... And I hate when wastes are taken to the end. It will be interesting to see if Old Coach will take true 'warriors' like the strong Sophie or Albert with him, or if, now that he is finally in control of a group, that his whole attitude changes and he takes the weak to the end, and if he does, he truly isnt a man of his word.

Brandon- He looks in trouble in the next episode, but I think he is actually the swing vote. I think Cochran, Sophie, and Albert will go against Rick, Enda and Coach... and Brandon is going to have to choose a side. I fear he will take Coach's side beacuse of the whole "loyalty, honesty, integrity" bs. But If he goes with either group, I think he will be the #4. Yet again, he might be the next to be voted out, by the looks of next episode. I dont want him to win because he is a Hantz and I fear that would spawn a Hantz vs. Hantz season.... But he isnt so bad.

Rick- I still love his stache for No shave November (even though this was filmed back in June/July). But he isnt really playing a game, I havent even heard him talk.... :(

Next Duel:

I want Dawn to win! But I'm predicting another Ozzy win.

I want Edna/Coach to be voted out but I predict it might be Cochran/Sohpie/Albert...

What are your thoughts?