Things are coming to an end in the South Pacifc. Here's what I have to say about the remaining castaways, future predictions, and the rest in this weeks review.

Redemption Island-

Ok, I for one am now annoyed of Ozzy. He is such a great provider and all, but why didn't he seem to provide for his team when he was in the game. Except of fishing, to me it seemed like he slept in the hammock, schemed and flirted. Dont get me wrong, Ozzy is a great Survivor competetor, but I guess I just dont like him anymore.

Dawn and Whitney. Both of them cried haha, ok well I guess I would too when I was voted out. Even big Russell cried. Dont hate. I didnt care much for Whitney. She seemed like a b**** to me. A Total w****. And then, watching Ponderosa videos, she is still snuggling with Keith. Isnt she married or something? mmm. Bad Whitney. "YOU DISGUST ME!" ha. Dawn was cool though. I wish she had been put on Upolu and Edna on Savaii. And Dawn made it much further than I thought she would've. But, Holly Hoffman was better....

One last thought about Redemption is that I really just dislike how they give Ozzy a little 2 minute segment on him there and they never gave time to anyone else who spent time there, like... Christine? Who was still pretty cool in hindsight.


Now, there is nowhere to hide in Upolu. Someone is gonna get turned on and sent out. I can only speculate on who i think it will be. Honestly, I think they are all equally likely to be blindsided as they are likely to make it to the end.

Coach: Coach's best move is to take Edna and Rick to the end. He would win, I'd vote for him, he might be able to take Brandon and win too. Learn from last season, Boston Rob took two ducks to the end and he won. But Coach is a man of the whole 'Honorty, integrity, loyalty' bs. Because Coach didnt keep Cochran, I believe he wont take the duds to the end. I think he is going to put his faith in his friends and stick to his plan with Al and Sophie and Rick (I think that was the original group of 4). Will it workout? Only if Soph and Al dont turn on him. And if he makes a good case, he still would have a shot at winning.

Albert and Sohpie: These two are allies. And I group them together because they will either both be eliminated or both be in the end, I doubt one will get to the end and the other wont (Unless Al wins every immunity until the end). Their best move would be to take a dud, because, with Coach, he might win. I think these two are most likely to make a big move and take Coach out, but this move has to be soon, like this very next episode or the next one. There isnt many opportunities left. I like Albert and Sophie the most, I'd like one of them to win, but I dont think they can without getting rid of Coach.

Brandon: His best move would be to.... Brandon doesnt seem to be in it. It would be in his best interest to turn on Coach, but he wont, because he is 'a man of God' and wont go against his promise or whatever. I dont think Brandon has a shot at winning. But then again, I still fear that this seasons biggest surprise would be a Hantz win... Oh the Horror!

Rick and Edna: Both are cool in their own ways but both are extremely unlikely to win. Neither of them have made any moves or seem to have shown any planning or interest in making any moves. Edna really annoyed me with the 'Albert just sits in the hammock while i wash clothes'. Like really? Your only way to secure yourself in your alliance is to wash clothes and clean around camp? That isnt survivor! And Rick just... well he hasnt spoke one word! If he were to get to the end he'd probably just make weird facial expressions at the Final Tribal Council. I dont think these two have any gameplan. I doubt either will win.

Next week: I think it will be Edna. She was 6th in the Upolu family circle thing. But then again, Brandon appears to be in hot water. From the look of the scenes for next week i guees its family reunion and Brandon's dad (Russels brother) shows up at camp and brings some kind of havoc. (Wouldnt it be funny if he was like "Get rid of Coach! He is a fool!") I for one am sick of Hantz's. They get too much airtime and are AH ANNOYING!! (sorry).

Ozzy vs. Cochran

After this battle only 1 Savaii will remain. I really didnt like Cochran this last episode (he was the most annoying than he has been all season 'You guys owe me'... Bullcrap! they didnt owe you anything!), but I will root for him at Redemption Island. Only because I dislike Ozzy more than Cochran. And wouldnt that be the biggest upset in all of Survivor history? Ozzy loses to Cochran! That would be great! And actually, i think Cochran does have a shot. The Redemption Island challenges arent physical at all. But they do involve coordination, which Cochran doesnt have.

But I hope Cochran beats Ozzy! And! I think Cochran deserves to be the featured page on the wiki. Just because of all the conflict in his comments section! Lol!