Im excited for this season now, the cast looks, well, intersting to me!

Im looking forward to watching Brandon Hantz, Christine Markoski, Edna Ma, Keith Tollefson, Mikayla Wingle, Rick Nelson, Semhar Tadesse, Sophie Clark, and Stacey Powell.

Thats more than half the cast.

They just look alot more diverse than the last seasons cast. I feel like last time I watched a bunch of pretty, young girls, which isnt bad but it got really boring. Elyse looks more like a Parvarti and Mikayla looks like a Stephenie (and I love Stephanie) plus, Mikayla is from Jersey, so I think I'll definatly like her.

Whitney Duncan looks extremely boring. I think she is just a femal Chase Rice. Jim Rice also looks boring, but I can see him being interseting. Mark and Dawn look very annoying, they're both on the same team and I figure one of them will be the first boot, if red loses. Cochran also seems annoying to me, I dont think he will be good, i dont know, I think people will see him as a strategist. And Albert seems dull.

Thats all I get from the interviews and photos, my mind always changes after the first few episodes, but these are just my first impressions.

Im not looking forward to Coach anf Ozzy. In their own seasons, I liked them, but I really dont want to watch them now. I definatly dont think Coach stands a chance in the game, but he could do very well at Redemption Island. He seems to thrive in solitude.

2 weeks until the premere!