ONEEEEEEEEE WORRRLD! Sorry, Ive been super excited for Survivor ever since December! Anyway, this post will just regard my reactions to castaways and some predictions for the season!

I want to start off by saying that I'm unpleasently surprised. I had a feeling there would be some flirty people and some jerks, but to me, it seemed like both tribes had lots of bullies, or not bullies but more like stupid people. Yeah, alot of stupid people...It was very hard for me to find people that I liked. Then again, it's always hard to find people you'll like in the beginning of the season because they have to split the airtime.

So I'll start with the people I liked:

Troyzan!: Ok, I hated Coach his first two times, and I started to like him last season, his third time around. Mostly because he was alot more moderate, and not so crazy. Troyzan seems like a more moderate Coach. And So far i like him. He comes off interesting and I think he is a big enough fan of the show that he'll stick around (Have you guys seen his auditon video? Cool right?).

Kimberly: What can I say? She has to be the hottest woman on the beach this season, but she also seems to have a mind and some strenghth. I'm rooting for her as well.

Christina: She is a much better asian than Edna (ok that was sterotypical...). She seems to have some stradegy with talking to the guys. I think she knows that she needs them. I also like when she (and Monica I think) went and stole an ember for their own fire! I was laughing. Finally, she held her ground. When Alicia so rudely interrupted her at tribal, and Christina tried to correct her, Alicia continued on and started to argue with her. Christina shut her up with "BEACUSE YOUR WRONG!!!" which made me proud, but it might've put a target on her back.

Jonas: He is one of the only, cool, down to earth, normal, just relatable guys on the Mananonononon tribe. I really like him. I love how he is a Sushi chef and was wardrobed into wearing his black chef top or whatever. He is just normal and cool and very likable and if I were on this season, he would be my ally.

Chelsea: I usually dont like the country girls (Natalie, Whitney you know...) But Chelsea is actually a strong counrty girl! She wasnt flirting on her first day, instead she caught 2 chickens! (I know from experience that they are hard to catch) So she earned my respect. And when she caught them she didn't give one to they guys (which also counts as a good point from me!). Plus, she is attractive (Whitney really bothered me). Im hoping she goes far.

Leif: He is pretty cool too. I know that Survivor wouldnt ever cast a "little person" who couldnt hold their own, but still Im glad he was cast!

Now, there are afew people who I really cant read into after only one episode, so I wont comment on them; Jay, Monica, Sabrina, Greg, Bill, Kat and Nina

Finally, for the people I really dont like...

Alicia: Holy crap I cannot stand this woman! She is extremly annoying and quite rude! I cannot believe she is a Special Education teacher. She reminds me of NaOnka (wasn't she a teacher too?) Except I liked NaOnka, I thought her rudeness was entertaining (Im still upset that she quit though...) She comes off making an alliance on a hike, she hasnt even known these people for 30 minutes and she already has an alliance (one that looks faulty to me). And throughout the episode, she is constantly on this... plan to make Christina look bad. Christina might have been talking to the guys, and her intention might've been stradegy, but she wasnt making an alliance. In fact, Christina was the one who got the girls fire! So why did it matter how she got it? And Alicia made the way to get fire harder by wanting to carry all the fronds from the men's shelter to the women's shelter where they'd have to carry them all back again when they were done (useless). Ugh and her at tribal was just extremly horrible. She interrupted Christina, and when Christina interrupted her she went bazerk! Im So glad Christina shut her up. Her reply to Christina "I'm about to punch you in the face". I fantasized that Christina said "Come at me, you wont!" But that didnt happen.

Matt and Michael: Oh goodness. These two are the biggest D-bags on the show in awhile. Its like 2 Shannons (Nicaragua). These 2 beefed up guys think theyre badass! They're disrespectful, they stole from the womans mat at the truck unload thing. Then when Chelsea caught both chickens they demanded one. They wouldn't give fire unless the women made 20 woven fronds (which is still ridiculous, 40 was absurd). And they quit at the challenge ( I do see their angle, but still). I really hope they dont make it far but they do have a strong alliance so they probably will. But they really are just total d*cks.

Colton: Ok, being gay certainly has its setbacks. But, Colton lets it define him. He hasnt tried once to make an alliance on his own team, I dont know how he think he can make it to the merge without someone on his side looking out for him. That idol only works once... He just doesnt try to fit in. He doesnt even try to contribute at camp either. He's over in the girls gossip circle. He really has to change his gameplan soon or he is done.

Now I will my short prediction on how I think the season will play out, I doubt it will be anywhere close to what actually happens but I guess we'll see. I predict a tribal switch, there has to be one, the season is men vs. women and they always do that. People's gameplans will be ruined with the switch. Most of my prediction is also based on fantasy and what Id like to see happening (So I might not even be close to the outcome). I will make another prediction, probably when the teams are switched, or maybe at the merge.

18. Kourtney

17. Alicia is seen as a loose cannon on her tribe, her ally's even oust her

16. Girls win a challenge. Colton uses his idol and Matt is eliminated

15. Because of the loss of Matt, guys lose another challenge. Colton eliminated.

14. Tribal switch. Nina, Greg, Sabrina or Leif

13. Nina, Greg, Sabrina or Leif

12. Nina, Greg, Sabrina or Leif

11. Nina, Greg, Sabrina or Leif ( I do forsee a tribal switch and these four taking the fall because of it)

10. Merge. Chelsea Kim and Kat in alliance with Michael and JAy. Jonas, Monica, Christina and Troyzan in other alliance. Bill is a wildcard. Bill sides with Chelsea/Kim/Kat/Michael/Jay. Troyzan their first target, he is eliminated. He is the first jury member.

9. Monica elimiated

8. Christina and Jay still allied (Yes an AWESOME ASAIN ALLIANCE!!!). They try to convince Chelsea/Kim/Kat that strong have to go. They ask Bill also. Michael eliminated.

7. Jay wins immunity. Bill, the wildcard, is ousted

6. Lucky Jay wins immunity again. He rethinks his stradegy, doesnt want to sit with Chelsea or Kim at the end because they are both too likeable, but he ends up voting with them. Jonas out.

5. Christina wins immunity. Girls try to convince her to vote off Jay, Christina talks to Jay. Jay talks to Kat, she agrees to voting off Chelsea (very likeable). Christina thinks its better to break up Chelsea/Kat/Kim allaince. In the end, Kat switces aligences, votes with Christina and Jay and Chelsea eliminated.

4. Kim wins final immunity. Christina eliminated.

Kat, Kim and Jay in final 3.

3. Kat- 0 votes, weak gameplay.

2. Jay- votes from Bill, Michael, Troyzan

1. Kim- votes from Monica, Jonas, Chelsea, and Christina.

Finally, I want to finish with Kourtney. I was so upset when she broke her damn hand! SO MAD! She was one of the people I liked right from the start! She was so quirky and cool. She had a crochet whale hat! I wanted to see her around for a long while and I wanted her to come back for a future season. I know I shouldnt be so upset over a first elimination but I just am :(( Awe Kourtney, so sad.......... I hope this bad start doesnt make for a bad season...