Is it just me, or are this season's contestants the most well fed looking group after 30 days in the 15 year history of the show? I know Dan, Will, and Shirin came to the show packing some extra pounds, but none of them looks like they've missed a meal the whole time. Rodney and Tyler look just as buff as they did on day one. Carolyn and Mike don't look any thinner, and Sierra actually looks like she's gained weight. What's up with that? Have there just been better food rewards this year, or are the producers making a conscious effort to keep the contestants looking fat and happy? Throughout the years of watching this show, the obvious physical changes that the contestants' bodies went through was probably the only thing that made this "reality" show real. And now it doesn't even have that. This show has always been too over-produced to honestly claim that it bears any semblance to real life, but now they've gone and manipulated the one thing that made this show a true test of survival.