It's down to six, and the alliance has started turning on itself. It's been pretty predictable so far, and it could continue to be depending on who wins immunity and/or has a hidden idol. Plus, Dan's extra vote is still in play. So here are the scenarios for the next episode:

  1. Mike wins immunity. Carolyn plays her hidden idol, and Rodney is voted out.
  2. Carolyn wins immunity, but Mike finds a hidden immunity idol. He plays it at tribal, and votes for Rodney.
  3. Rodney wins immunity, Mike finds a hidden idol. Mike and Carolyn play their hidden idols at tribal council. Sierra is voted out.
  4. Rodney wins immunity, Mike uses a hidden idol and votes for Carolyn, who is voted out.
  5. Mike does not have immunity and is voted out.
  6. The next member of the jury will not be Dan or Will.

I really don't want Will or Sierra to make it to the final. I am tired of finals that include a coattail rider and a goat. I'd really like to see a contested jury vote this time. I would like to see Mike, Carolyn, and Dan in the final. Of course, this would require Mike to win immunity or find an idol for the next 3 tribal councils, which isn't impossible. It would also require Carolyn to win immunity or find an idol, as well. If Mike and Carolyn are immune, Rodney and Sierra become the target of votes. Once we are down to the final four, if Mike and Carolyn are immune, Dan has to vote Will and Will has to vote Dan. Dan has an extra vote, so that's two votes for Will right there. All Dan has to do is convince Mike to vote Will, which I'm pretty sure Mike will do, and then we've got a Mike, Carolyn, Dan final.