Here is my prediction for the jury vote:

Based on what two people (Jenn and Dan) have said in their exit interviews, it appears that Rodney makes it to the jury vote. I don't think he wins, but he's definitely 2nd. Although, why isn't Rodney in the second chance contestant pool? Did he not want to spend another 39 days "stahvin", or does he actually win this season?

My gut feeling is that Mike keeps winning immunity and wins it all with votes from Hali, Joe, Jenn, Shirin, and Carolyn (if she's on the jury). If Carolyn isn't on the jury, I think Tyler votes for either Mike or Carolyn, and Dan votes for Rodney, Will, or Sierra, giving Mike the split decision.

If Mike is sent to the jury, Rodney will probably win. The whole "Rodney doesn't get a reward" storyline could be a set up for Rodney getting the ultimate reward--the title of Sole Survivor. Rodney would get votes from Hali, Joe, Jenn, and possibly Shirin, as well as Tyler and Dan. Will and Sierra will vote for Rodney if they are on the jury. If Mike is on the jury, but not Carolyn, Mike would probably vote Carolyn. If Mike and Carolyn are on the jury, both of them would vote for Rodney.

If Mike and Rodney are on the jury, then Carolyn wins.

Sierra and Will can't win. Sierra won't get any jury votes. Will would get Dan's vote if Rodney is not in the final. Rodney would vote for Will, also.