Here's who I think each of the contestants would choose to go to the jury vote with.

  1. Mike - Dan and Sierra, despite them flipping on him. If Mike is in the final, he beats everyone unanimously, except Tyler. So, it doesn't really matter who he's in the final with, but if he has to choose, he's picking his blue collar tribemates.
  2. Tyler - Carolyn and Will. He'd take Rodney and/or Sierra if he had too, but only if Carolyn and Will are voted out.
  3. Carolyn - Will and Rodney.
  4. Rodney - Will and anybody but Tyler and Mike.
  5. Dan - Will and Sierra. They are the only two he can beat.
  6. Sierra - Will and Dan. They are the only two she can beat.
  7. Will - Doesn't care who he goes to the final with, just as long as he goes, because he's getting third place money no matter what.