Well, surprise, surprise, Mike tried to bluff. It would have been interesting to see what happened if he had given Shirin the idol. I'm thinking Dan would be gone, which he deserves, and now he knows that when push comes to shove, he's gone. It's too bad Dan didn't know that Tyler had stolen his bag, because I'm positive Dan would have voted for Tyler and used his extra vote to make sure Tyler was gone. Now Dan's extra vote is a moot point because even with it, he doesn't have the votes to save himself. Ditto for Sierra. The funny part is Dan and Sierra think they are acting in their best interests, but they couldn't be more wrong. I think this strategic mistake ranks right up there with Erik giving away immunity. Dan and Sierra are just complete idiots, and I can't wait or them to go home. Tyler loses a lot of respect by stealing Dan's bag, and I hope the jury finds out about it before they vote, if Tyler makes it to the end. Mike also loses points for not giving Shirin the idol, but that would have just postponed the inevitable. Shirin was going home one way or another. Even if Sierra came around, Rodney, Carolyn, Tyler, and Will are just too tight. And don't you think Dan and Sierra are going to feel pretty stupid when they watch the show at home and realize that Mike was right that Rodney did flip on the blue collar alliance? As Tyler was the last decent person in the game (or so I thought), other than Mike, I am now firmly in Mike's camp. The dude has grown on me, and I am rooting for him from here on out. I really hope he can flip Dan, Sierra, and Rodney back to the Blue Collar alliance. I think Rodney might start to put two and two together that Carolyn, Tyler and Will are using him.