Well, I got the prediction wrong this week. It was Dan, not Rodney going home. I'm not sure why, except maybe it was a bit of payback from Mike, combined with Mama C not wanting to betray her alliance with Rodney and Will. I'm glad Dan is gone, though. He was an a**, and he didn't need to be. I can't understand why he hated Mike so much. His vitriol for Mike seemed unjustified. All the guy did was fake him out at the auction. Big Deal! Mike eventually kept to the agreement, and Dan ended up with the advantage. So what's Dan's problem? Is it something we didn't get to see on the show? Maybe we'll learn more at the reunion. As for Dan's advantage, boy did he waste it, or what? Why did Dan, Rodney, and Will target Carolyn at all? There was a lot of talk about her possibly having an idol. Why didn't they play it safe and vote for Sierra? I think I know why. Rodney, Will, and Sierra have an alliance, and they wanted to get rid of the hidden idol and Dan's advantage. They didn't really care who went home, as long as it wasn't them. They are planning to go to the end together. Dan got played, which is what Mike tried to tell him, but he wouldn't listen. The beauty of it is, Rodney, Sierra, and Will didn't have to vote for Dan to get rid of him. Dan thinks his alliance stuck with him, when they actually threw him under the bus. Dan's complete cluelessness about what was really going on makes his criticism of Shirin's gameplay even more ridiculous. A Rodney, Sierra, and Will final would be the worst in Survivor history. Rodney would win, perhaps even unanimously. However, I can't see Rodney, Sierra, and/or Will winning both of the immunity challenges, unless the challenges are tailor made by the producers to favor those three's chances of winning. But why would they do that? A final 3 without Mike and/or Carolyn is really going to piss off the fans.