1. What was Joe thinking by taking his enemies on the reward? Did he really think anyone was going to flip? Plus, did he not realize the possibility of an immunity idol clue? Why would he want his enemies to find the clue? Why did he share the clue with Tyler? Why did Tyler tell Mike the clue? The whole thing just represents the epitome of bad strategy.
  2. When is Will going to realize that the blue collars are not going to keep him around any longer than they have to?
  3. When is Sierra going to stop being a dumb blonde?
  4. What are Carolyn and Tyler thinking? The blue collars will get rid of them without a second thought.
  5. If the Rodney, Carolyn, Tyler, Will alliance actually ends up being the final four, this will be the most unsatisfying season I've ever seen. But don't worry, it won't happen.
  6. I am hoping and praying that Joe keeps winning individual immunity, because that's the only way I'll keep watching to the final.
  7. As it stands now, this season is going to go down in a very predictable fashion.
  8. I predict the following, assuming Joe always wins individual immunity.
  9. The next person out will be Jenn.
  10. After that, it's Shirin.
  11. Next up, Will (there goes your secret alliance, Rodney).
  12. Next one out, Tyler.
  13. Carolyn plays her hidden immunity idol. Carolyn and Joe vote for Sierra.
  14. Carolyn is voted out next.
  15. Mike plays his immunity idol at final tribal, and whoever he voted for goes home next.
  16. The final 3 are Mike, Joe, and either Dan or Rodney. At this point the jury consists of Hali, Jenn, Shirin, Will, Tyler, Carolyn, Sierra, and either Dan or Rodney.
  17. Dan or Rodney get no votes from the Jury. Joe gets Hali, Jenn, and Shirin. Mike gets everyone else and wins Survivor: World's Apart.