Another predictable tribal vote results in Tyler going bye-bye, and the former pro football player is the newest member of the jury.

I'm starting to get the sinking feeling that we could be looking at a Dan, Will, Rodney final. My only hope that this is not true is that Mike and Carolyn are in the second chance voting pool, which surely the Survivor producers wouldn't do if neither of them won because it is a huge spoiler. I can't imagine that either of them would lose to someone else in the final. So they must be trying to fake us out by putting both of them in the voting pool.

It looks like Dan is pinning his hopes of winning on going to the finals with Will, which is the only smart thing Dan has done this whole time. However, if it's a 3 person final, that strategy is only good for second place.

I have a theory that Rodney is purposefully underperforming in the challenges in order to stay off the radar. He is too muscular to be doing so poorly in the challenges that rely on strength alone. Now that there are only 3 more immunity challenges to go, expect to see him try harder and perhaps win a physical challenge, although he's still going to be hopeless at puzzles.

I don't see Dan, Will, or Sierra winning immunity or finding an idol, so unless those three have a secret alliance to get rid of the other 3, I expect to see at least one of them voted off. Will has no chance of getting votes from the jury, so I'm sure the other 5 want him at the end. Sierra and Dan can only win the jury vote if Will is there. But there is no way the producers are going to allow the final to be Dan, Will, and Sierra. That would be the worst ever.

Carolyn now has a huge target on her back, and I expect to see her get votes at tribal if Mike has immunity or once he is voted out.