Well, first of all, giving myself a pat on the back for predicting Jenn's departure. Even with the outing of Rodney's secret alliance, getting rid of Jenn needed to happen in order to tie up loose ends. But now, it is game on. Is it just me, or was that the most confusing Survivor Auction ever? I can't wait for it to be available to stream online, because I need to watch it again. Now that Jenn is gone, I have no one to root for, but I kind of feel sorry for Shirin now that she's been picked on by both Will and Dan. I don't see how Shirin makes it past Week 11 without immunity, unless the alliances switch yet again, and Rodney's alliance becomes the target of Mike, Dan, Sierra, and Shirin, with Dan using his double vote. After Tyler invades Dan's privacy by going through his bag, I'm thinking Dan is going to run back to Mike's alliance, and vote out Tyler, if he doesn't have immunity. Another thing I don't understand is if Dan and Sierra have already left Mike's alliance at this point. They certainly made it seem that way at Tribal Council, but I don't know. I'm also not sure what Tyler is really up to. Is he a double agent for Mike? If he isn't secretly aligned with Mike, why did he share the hidden immunity idol clue with him? And I still have no clue what Will's gameplan is. He shares his stash to try and foster goodwill, but then he squanders that goodwill by yelling at Shirin, who didn't even deserve it as it was Jenn who questioned whether or not Will was holding back. Will is completely worthless, and he has to know that. He will never win immunity. At some point, he will be the only person that can be voted for at Tribal Council, because everyone else will have a hidden immunity idol or individual immunity. So even if someone keeps him around because he is a nonthreat, that person will get rid of him eventually. Plus, Will has zero chance of getting any jury votes. There are a lot of things still up in the air, and even though Jenn is gone, there is enough intrigue to keep me interested.