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Predictions for Worlds Apart Episode 12

Chrissh April 30, 2015 User blog:Chrissh
  1. Dan and Mike patch things up and agree to vote for Tyler.
  2. They convince Sierra to vote with them.
  3. The vote is a tie, and either Tyler loses the revote, or it goes to a rock draw.
  4. If Tyler wins the immunity challenge, Will or Rodney is the next most likely person to go home.
  5. If it goes to a rock draw, it will involve Carolyn, Sierra or Dan, and Will or Rodney.
  6. It would be great if Carolyn were to lose the rock draw with an idol in her pocket, and as she has the most to lose at a rock draw, I predict she will switch her vote at the revote in order to avoid a rock draw.
  7. The person going home will be Tyler, Rodney, or Will.

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