Well, my prediction about the vote this week was wrong, but I didn't count on Dan wasting his extra vote on Mama C. I still can't believe that Dan, Rodney, and Will didn't think about the possibility of Carolyn having a hidden idol. They even discussed the possibility of Carolyn having an idol. Why not play it safe and vote for Sierra? I have a hunch that Rodney, Will, and Sierra planned to eventually get rid of Dan all along. If they had all made it to the final four, and Dan didn't get immunity, he would have been gone. I don't think Dan ever had a chance to win the million dollars, given that the majority of the jury members would rather vote for anyone else except Will. As it is going to be a 3 person final, the best Dan could have gotten is 2nd place. But enough about that. Here's my prediction for the final:

For the first half of the final

  1. Mike and/or Carolyn wins immunity or finds another hidden idol.
  2. If Mike does not have immunity, he will be voted out.
  3. If Mike has immunity, but Carolyn doesn't, she will be voted out.
  4. If Mike and Carolyn have immunity, Rodney will be voted out.

For the second half of the final:

  1. If Mike and Carolyn are still in it, and both have immunity again, Sierra will be voted out.
  2. If Mike or Carolyn have already been voted out, and the other one doesn't have immunity, they will be voted out.
  3. If Mike or Carolyn have been voted out, and the other one has immunity, the vote will be a tie between Sierra and Rodney, and it will go to a fire making challenge, unless Will or the other person change their vote.
  4. Will is definitely in the final 3, which is completely absurd. Where else but in Survivor can you get 3rd place by being completely worthless and obnoxious? It's ridiculous that this show rewards the worst player with 3rd place on a pretty consistent basis. When it is down to final four, I think that the final elimination should be the person who finished last in the immunity challenge. That would fix the problem right there.
  5. Mike or Carolyn are definitely in the final 3. I can't see both of them losing both final immunity challenges. And there might be a final hidden immunity idol found.
  6. Rodney probably makes the final 3, which I'm okay with. He's played a good social game, and he might even win one of the final immunity challenges.
  7. Please, God, please don't let the final 3 be Rodney, Will, and Sierra. Amen.