Here's my prediction: Mike wins it all. He is this season's master manipulator. The only suspense is who will he take with him to the jury vote? My guess is Sierra in the role of tailcoat rider, and Dan in the role of despicable henchman that no one on the jury will vote for. This show is so formulaic. Everyone on this show just chooses which character they will play, one of 10 characters that is exactly like the characters that have been on this show from the beginning: 1. The shot caller (Mike). 2. The faithful sidekick, who always gets betrayed by the shot caller in the end (Tyler). 3. The tailcoat rider (Sierra). 4. The one you love to hate (Dan). 5. The challenge beast (Joe/Jenn). 6. The village idiot (Will). 7. The lying bitch/bastard (Shirin). 8. The shrewd stategist with an ace up their sleeve (Carolyn). 9. The one who's always running their mouth (Rodney). 10. The cute girl who has no game (Hali). These are just the post-merge archetypes. Pre-merge, we get duplicates of some of these characters plus other characters such as really weird guy/gal, super creepy guy who hits on the women, man or woman who is so out of shape/unhealthy that they have to quit the game within the first week. When if ever will this game do something original or come up with a more creative theme or a location other than a tropical island? How about Survivor: Siberia or Survivor: Kalahari?? After 30 editions of the show, it's time to switch things up if it is going to last another 30 editions. In conclusion, I will stop watching this season the moment Jenn is voted off.