Well, Bring the Popcorn was quite an eventful show. Rodney got called out on his secret alliance, and looked like an idiot trying to deny it. Shirin got yelled at, again, this time by Will. Jenn got voted off, as predicted. Dan got the two vote advantage at auction, which Tyler is going to find out about and share with his alliance next week. I hate people who go through other people's bags, and hope Dan uses his advantage to send Tyler packing. But I digress. Mike suddenly found himself surrounded by flippers, and had to find comfort in the arms of Shirin. Carolyn, Tyler, and Sierra were pretty much MIA throughout the episode. So, here are my thoughts on where the show goes next episode.

  1. Mike continues leaning on Dan to stick with him, which is what Dan should do. There's no way Rodney, Carolyn and Tyler are going to want to keep Dan around when they already have Will to bring with them to the jury. Even with his two vote advantage, if Dan makes it to final 5, he will be outvoted. Dan needs to use his advantage while Mike still has his back.
  2. Sierra needs to stick with Mike, also, for the same reasons as Dan.
  3. As we know, Tyler will discover Dan's advantage and share that information with his alliance. It is unknown whether or not Dan finds out that his advantage is no longer a secret. If Dan sticks with Mike, he could use his advantage to get rid of one of Rodney's alliance. If Dan joins Rodney's alliance, they will probably use Dan to get rid of Mike, Shirin, and Sierra, and then they will get rid of Dan.
  4. Dan is the master of his own fate. If he sticks with Mike, Mike will take him to the jury vote. If he flips on Mike, he will be voted out, eventually.
  5. Mike will definitely need to secure his 4 person alliance and/or continue winning immunity challenges in order to stay in this game. Between that and his hidden idol, Mike is a shoo-in to get to the final.
  6. At this point, Will, Sierra, and Shirin are just pawns in this game. One of them will probably get taken to to the final 4 by their alliance, but they will probably not make it to the jury vote, let alone win.
  7. I think Carolyn and Tyler are planning to make it to the finals with Will. They will turn on Rodney as soon as they no longer need him.
  8. Rodney is not very bright. He thinks he's in charge, but it's only because Carolyn and Tyler let him think that. If Mike and Dan don't take Rodney out, Carolyn and Tyler definitely will.
  9. It's possible Tyler is a double agent, secretly working with Mike, which spells trouble for Carolyn down the road.
  10. I think the most likely scenario for next week's tribal council is this: Mike either has immunity or plays his hidden idol. Rodney, Carolyn, Tyler, Will, and Sierra vote for Shirin. Mike's and Dan's votes are irrelevant. Shirin goes home. An alternate scenario is that Mike, Dan, Sierra, and Shirin vote as a block for Rodney, Carolyn, Tyler, or Will, and Dan uses his extra vote to break the 4-4 tie.