Survivor has basically devolved into a series of obstacle course challenges and simple puzzles that schoolchildren could solve, being performed by a bunch of self-centered liars. The show's definition of a survivor is someone who is really good at deceiving other people. In addition, this show rewards people for being incompetent/lazy and mistreating other people. So many people have made it to the jury vote because they rode coattails or were a good goat, and the jury vote is often reduced to a choice between the lesser of two (or three) evils. They should change the tagline for this show to "Outdeceive , Outbetray, Outgoat". If this show is going to "survive" much longer, I think it needs to change the rules so that people can't get to the jury vote simply by being an a-hole or a coattail rider, and that the jury vote comes down to a choice between the two best players left in the game. Maybe the people who finish last in the final two immunity challenges would automatically become jurors, rather than letting tribal council decide who makes it to final 3 (or 2). Or perhaps at all post-merge tribal council meetings, the only people you can vote for are those who were in the bottom 3 finishers at the immunity challenge. As it is now, people who win the immunity challenges are only safe until they lose a challenge, and there is no built-in incentive to not come in last in the immunity challenge. In fact, being really bad at challenges is often rewarded with second or third place money in the final, especially if you are also an a-hole or unpopular with the jury. Players who suck at the immunity challenges, should be more at risk of losing. If they sucked that bad at their jobs, don't you think they'd be in danger of getting fired or the first to be let go if the company downsized? Imagine giving athletes who suck at their sport a silver or bronze medal at the Olympics just because they were able to get rid of the other athletes. If Mark Burnett produced the Olympics, Tonya Harding would have gotten a medal and Nancy Kerrigan would have been voted off the team. In my opinion, the current rules of the Survivor game are unfair and unentertaining, and after 30 seasons of the same old formula, I've had enough. I hope the producers will change the way the game is played. Are you listening, Burnett and Probst?