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April 7, 2015
  • Chrissh

    Well, my prediction about the vote this week was wrong, but I didn't count on Dan wasting his extra vote on Mama C. I still can't believe that Dan, Rodney, and Will didn't think about the possibility of Carolyn having a hidden idol. They even discussed the possibility of Carolyn having an idol. Why not play it safe and vote for Sierra? I have a hunch that Rodney, Will, and Sierra planned to eventually get rid of Dan all along. If they had all made it to the final four, and Dan didn't get immunity, he would have been gone. I don't think Dan ever had a chance to win the million dollars, given that the majority of the jury members would rather vote for anyone else except Will. As it is going to be a 3 person final, the best Dan could have got…

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  • Chrissh

    Well, I got the prediction wrong this week. It was Dan, not Rodney going home. I'm not sure why, except maybe it was a bit of payback from Mike, combined with Mama C not wanting to betray her alliance with Rodney and Will. I'm glad Dan is gone, though. He was an a**, and he didn't need to be. I can't understand why he hated Mike so much. His vitriol for Mike seemed unjustified. All the guy did was fake him out at the auction. Big Deal! Mike eventually kept to the agreement, and Dan ended up with the advantage. So what's Dan's problem? Is it something we didn't get to see on the show? Maybe we'll learn more at the reunion. As for Dan's advantage, boy did he waste it, or what? Why did Dan, Rodney, and Will target Carolyn at all? There was a …

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  • Chrissh

    It's down to six, and the alliance has started turning on itself. It's been pretty predictable so far, and it could continue to be depending on who wins immunity and/or has a hidden idol. Plus, Dan's extra vote is still in play. So here are the scenarios for the next episode:

    1. Mike wins immunity. Carolyn plays her hidden idol, and Rodney is voted out.
    2. Carolyn wins immunity, but Mike finds a hidden immunity idol. He plays it at tribal, and votes for Rodney.
    3. Rodney wins immunity, Mike finds a hidden idol. Mike and Carolyn play their hidden idols at tribal council. Sierra is voted out.
    4. Rodney wins immunity, Mike uses a hidden idol and votes for Carolyn, who is voted out.
    5. Mike does not have immunity and is voted out.
    6. The next member of the jury will …
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  • Chrissh

    Another predictable tribal vote results in Tyler going bye-bye, and the former pro football player is the newest member of the jury.

    I'm starting to get the sinking feeling that we could be looking at a Dan, Will, Rodney final. My only hope that this is not true is that Mike and Carolyn are in the second chance voting pool, which surely the Survivor producers wouldn't do if neither of them won because it is a huge spoiler. I can't imagine that either of them would lose to someone else in the final. So they must be trying to fake us out by putting both of them in the voting pool.

    It looks like Dan is pinning his hopes of winning on going to the finals with Will, which is the only smart thing Dan has done this whole time. However, if it's a 3 …

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  • Chrissh

    Here is my prediction for the jury vote:

    Based on what two people (Jenn and Dan) have said in their exit interviews, it appears that Rodney makes it to the jury vote. I don't think he wins, but he's definitely 2nd. Although, why isn't Rodney in the second chance contestant pool? Did he not want to spend another 39 days "stahvin", or does he actually win this season?

    My gut feeling is that Mike keeps winning immunity and wins it all with votes from Hali, Joe, Jenn, Shirin, and Carolyn (if she's on the jury). If Carolyn isn't on the jury, I think Tyler votes for either Mike or Carolyn, and Dan votes for Rodney, Will, or Sierra, giving Mike the split decision.

    If Mike is sent to the jury, Rodney will probably win. The whole "Rodney doesn't get a…

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