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Survivor Hall of Fame awards and nominations

I've always wanted to have a survivor hall of fame because there doesn't seem like a designated website for it. Although, it seems like the website I do go to has the same typical people Cirie and Boston Rob, over and over again. I was thinking of electing people for different categories and seeing who wins. 

Best male castaway to ever play the game once: 

Best female castaway to ever play the game once: 

Best Player to make it to the top three, but never win: 

The castaway with the most votes casted against them: 

The most flirtacious castaway to ever play the game: 

The castaway who played the most "overall geniuine game": 

The most diabolical villian to ever play the game: 

A Player to play more than once, who changed every season: 

The worst player to ever play the game: 

The best winner: 

The best first boot: 

The best alliance of all time: 

The castaway with the most individual immunity wins: 

The greatest person to "nearly win the game": 

The person who made the dumbest survivor move of all time: 

The greatest lie in survivor history: 

The person everyone loves to hate: 

Best smile: 

Best camp worker: 

Best leader: 

Fastetst contestant in water and on land: 

Any others worth mentioning, write them below I'd love to know what you think. 

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