Survivor Blood vs. Water predictions.

Aras: (winner of survivor: Exile Island) I predict that Ara's will do pretty good for a while, he will play both sides a while, and then he makes a crucial mistake and that could be his downfall. I think it will take a while for people to realize he's playing both sides and he will be blind-sided.

vytas: I think vtyas looks like a useful person to have on a tribe. Being brothers with Ara's one would assume that he has fishing skills, and that he could be a very "safe" player in the game. Who knows how far that would take him.

Candice: Why she's back, I still don't know. Most players who play their third time are generally "great" players but I don't consider Candice a great player, but maybe being out there for a third time she will learn from her past mistakes on survivor and try to not rub anyone the wrong way and it would make her chances for survival easier.

John Cody: I think John will lack the social skills but will be really strong in challenges. I predict that win it comes to the game, and everyone decides to vote him out, he'll think up this clever plan to get out a huge player, maybe like Rupert but it backfires and his torch will be deflamed.

Colton: In a really devious way, I sort of like him. I think he's going to try and control the game and get people to stupidly give him the immunity idol, or tell them they have it because he is somehow trustworthy to them, and then he cut's their head off. Either that or he's nicer this season, because of all the crap the press gave him about being a racist and stuff, but if he's nice I don't think he'll make it as far as he would if he was mean. And I don't think he was a racist, he was just mean.

Caleb: I think he'll try to be like colton and try and manipulate people by alligning himself with someone like Hayden or Vtyas. He might make the merge but probably not more than that.

Gervase: I think his only downfall in the game might be that he hasn't played the game in a long time, but with that being said, I still think he has it in him. He's nice, he's not afraid to make big moves and he's strong in challenges(except eating gross stuff) I think he'll make it far.

Marissa Peterson: I think she's athletic and really likes winning. I think she'll vote for a stronger team rather than a weaker team, but I don't think she'll make the merge, but maybe so.

Kat: I think Kat won't play a good social game but if she makes it far it will probably be because someone carried her there, and if she makes it to the merge(I hope not) then Hayden and his alliance will most likely carry her to the finals.

Hayden: I've watched him in big brother and he's a force to be reckon with. He has a good social game and is good at challenges, if he somehow alligns himself with aras and Gervase after the merge they could be unstoppable. I predict he'll make it as far as malcom did to the final four before they realize that he could win the game and Jeff snuffs his torch.

Laura: I don't really know why she's back, but I think she'll just be the person that everyone hates, and she'll just be another vote to keep someone. I don't think she'll make the merge.

Ciera: I think that Ciera is like Natalie in redemption island, she'll want to have her way and allign herself with the guys and demand that she be taken to the finals. She'll make the merge but will go not longer after.

Monica: She'll probably be a physical threat and want her out, unless their tribe sucks and they need her. She won't win because her husbands rich, that's her downfall in the game.

Brad: He will try to not tell people his secret NFL life but they find out and vote him out before the merge.

Rupert: Sadly, as much as we love rupert I see him going out before the merge, simply because he played too many times and although Boston Rob could do it, Rupert is too well liked and they will want to vote him out. I hope my prediction is wrong here.

Laura B: I think she'll be the older one in the tribe and she might not find everything in common with the younger people, and she may be targeted on multiple occasions, but I think she'll play a loyal and honest game and someone would respect that.

Tina: She's iffy for me. I don't know if she'll do really good or really bad, because both her seasons she was one or the other. All-Stars she was targeted because shew was a winner, so will she be targeted as a winner this season since only two winners are in it. If she's not targeted she could play a great social game.

Katie: She will make it pass the merge. She seems like a good person to have around. She's cute and seems like she'd be a hard worker, and if she makes it to the finals she might win because of her laying low and somehow getting to the end without ruffling feathers.

Tyson: My favorite this season. I hope he wins because if he looses the episodes would be dull, so they'll keep him around until the merge and then he'll dominate and hopefully this is his season to win, and he doesn't make a stupid move. (we can only hope) Hopefully he brings back his humor because everyone loves Tyson, he's just Tyson.

Rachel: I feel like Rachel could win. She seems strategic and cunning and she's not afraid to cut someone's throat, maybe she would even cut tyson's throat. She'll make it far, a likable third place.

Final Talleys


19th- Monica


17th- Brad

16th- Laura M.

15th- Laura B.


13th- Marissa


11th- Caleb


9th- vtyas








1st- Tyson (just because I want him to win and usually i'm right about winners. Positive energy)