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  • Cellery108

    In celebration of Survivor's 30th Season, I was hoping to relieve some of the best survivor voting confessionals. Funny, strange, witty or stupid, they are beloved and worth conversing over.

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  • Cellery108

    I've always wanted to have a survivor hall of fame because there doesn't seem like a designated website for it. Although, it seems like the website I do go to has the same typical people Cirie and Boston Rob, over and over again. I was thinking of electing people for different categories and seeing who wins. 

    Best male castaway to ever play the game once: 

    Best female castaway to ever play the game once: 

    Best Player to make it to the top three, but never win: 

    The castaway with the most votes casted against them: 

    The most flirtacious castaway to ever play the game: 

    The castaway who played the most "overall geniuine game": 

    The most diabolical villian to ever play the game: 

    A Player to play more than once, who changed every season: 

    The worst pl…

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  • Cellery108

    Okay, so I'm squirming in my seat a little. The purple rock tie breaker, being absent since season four has returned, and boy was it dramatic. I still am recovering over the constant chills that crawl down my spine because of it. My reaction is of relief, my favorite contestant Tyson took a risk and it paid off, fate had the opportunity for the second time fall in place and Katie was the one sent home. I would like to know your reactions, and if how the infamous purple rock tie breaker made you feel. Reactions? Emotions? Please let me know, my mother hates survivor and none of my friends like it either so I kind of need fans to talk to me desperately because I'm obsessed.

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  • Cellery108

    Survivor Blood vs. Water predictions.

    Aras: (winner of survivor: Exile Island) I predict that Ara's will do pretty good for a while, he will play both sides a while, and then he makes a crucial mistake and that could be his downfall. I think it will take a while for people to realize he's playing both sides and he will be blind-sided.

    vytas: I think vtyas looks like a useful person to have on a tribe. Being brothers with Ara's one would assume that he has fishing skills, and that he could be a very "safe" player in the game. Who knows how far that would take him.

    Candice: Why she's back, I still don't know. Most players who play their third time are generally "great" players but I don't consider Candice a great player, but maybe being out the…

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