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    Okay, well I cannot put it into a good table like others, but I'll try this simulation thing, just using text. If anyone wants to help me make it better, please comment and help.

    Tagi wins immunity! Colleen Haskell receives 4 votes

    Greg Buis receives 4 votes

    There is a tie.

    There are an equal number of past-votes.

    Greg Buis loses the tiebreaker challenge.

    Pagong wins immunity!Kelly Wiglesworth receives 3 votes

    Richard Hatch receives 2 votes

    Sonja Christopher receives 3 votes

    There is a tie.

    There are an equal number of past-votes.

    Kelly Wiglesworth loses the tiebreaker challenge. Tagi wins immunity! B.B. Andersen receives 3 votes

    Colleen Haskell receives 2 votes

    Jenna Lewis receives 2 votes

    B.B. Andersen is voted out. Pagong wins immunity!

    Dirk Been rece…

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    Welcome to the Survivor: Blood vs. Water Fantasy game.

    Des and I are taking over from Chris's game before. We will do mostly the same as before ( but there will be some extra things such as every week people make a guess on who will win immunity and how the vote will go down (6-1, 5-3, etc.) Also, points will be given for extra things that go along with Blood vs. Water.

    We may have multiple leagues if lots of people want to join. For now, if you want to play, post your name below, and more information will come soon!



    PS. Don't worry about giving us your picks yet!  We're thinking about re-organising the drafting process so it's mo…

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