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Just a Little Test

Hi everyone! Just wanted to show you a season that I thought would be cool. What's your placements for all of them? Bonus: What do all of the castaways have in common? Italicized placements are merged tribe.

Sugar Kiper 14th

Yul Kwon 1st

Yau-Man Chan 13th

Todd Herzog 3rd

Amanda Kimmel 17th

Ozzy Lusth 7th

Parvati Shallow 2nd

Gary Hogeboom 10th

Taj Johnson-George 16th

Russel Hantz 5th

Sandra Diaz-Twine 4th

NaOnka Mixon 15th

Kristina Kell 11th

Troyzan Robinson 12th

Andrea Boehlke 9th

Tony Vlachos 8th

Abi-Maria Gomes 18th

Terry Deitz 6th

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