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Definition of "reneged"

I want to preemptively stop edit wars over this issue, so...

I think that voting for an alliance member under the assumption that it is a throwaway vote, or in an attempt to save yourself from elimination should NOT be counted as reneging. Here are some examples:

  • Rita's vote for Earl in Fiji episode 3 (throwaway to avoid a tie at a split vote)
  • Alex's vote for Mookie in Fiji episode 11 (saving himself from elimination)
  • Dawn and Whitney's votes for Ozzy in the first Tribal Council of South Pacific episode 9 (throwaway)
  • Malcolm's vote for Reynold in Caramoan episode 9 (believed it to be saving himself from elimination)
  • Eddie's vote for Malcolm in the revote of Caramoan episode 11 (throwaway)

Here are some examples that, in my opinion, qualify as reneging:

  • Sean's vote for Jenna in Borneo episode 9 (a vote for Richard would have eliminated him)
  • Kenny's vote for Matty in Gabon episode 12 (his intent was for Matty to be voted out)
  • Coach's vote for Courtney in Heroes vs. Villains episode 7 (a vote for Russell was required to force a tie)
  • Erik's vote for Phillip in Caramoan episode 10 (his intent was for Phillip to be voted out)

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