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  • Bwburke94

    For those of you new to the Survivor community, you may be wondering why recap episodes existed and why they stopped being aired after . Here's a quick recap on the recaps and other "missed" weeks.

    Season Episode Date Reason

    March 22, 2001 CBS aired NCAA Basketball Tournament

    November 29, 2001 Need for a 14th episode
    Planned for Thanksgiving but postponed due to September 11 attacks
    (CBS aired an NFL game on Thanskgiving)

    April 24, 2002 Need for a 14th episode

    November 28, 2002 Thanksgiving/need for a 14th episode

    April 17, 2003 Need for a 14th episode

    March 24, 2004 CBS aired NCAA Basketball Tournament
    (episode 8 also aired on Wed)

    (Wednesday) March 15, 2006 CBS aired NCAA Basketball Tournament
    No episode March 23, 2006

    October 26, 2006 Unk…

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  • Bwburke94

    Gonna do a simulated Survivor of my own, with the real seasons and tribe alignments.

    As the Brant Steele simulator does not include revotes for certain early seasons, I have added parenthesized vote numbers to indicate how many votes each person would have received with revotes in play.

    Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes
    width="10%" B.B. Andersen
    64, Mission Hills, KS
    1st Voted Out
    Day 3 3 (7)
    Kelly Wiglesworth
    22, Las Vegas, NV
    2nd Voted Out
    Day 6 4 (8)
    Jenna Lewis
    22, Franklin, NH
    3rd Voted Out
    Day 9 4
    Sonja Christopher
    63, Walnut Creek, CA
    4th Voted Out
    Day 12 4
    Susan Hawk
    38, Palmyra, WI
    5th Voted Out
    Day 15 7 (12)
    Dirk Been
    23, Spring Green, WI
    6th Voted Out
    Day 18 3
    Rudy Boesch
    72, Richmond, VA
    rowspan="10" 7th Voted Out
    Day 21 …

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  • Bwburke94 15th, not 14th. Whoever keeps changing this needs to stop..

    (Also, good job hiding it in the trivia section, didn't catch it for a few days when you first posted it.)

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  • Bwburke94

    I want to preemptively stop edit wars over this issue, so...

    I think that voting for an alliance member under the assumption that it is a throwaway vote, or in an attempt to save yourself from elimination should NOT be counted as reneging. Here are some examples:

    • Rita's vote for Earl in Fiji episode 3 (throwaway to avoid a tie at a split vote)
    • Alex's vote for Mookie in Fiji episode 11 (saving himself from elimination)
    • Dawn and Whitney's votes for Ozzy in the first Tribal Council of South Pacific episode 9 (throwaway)
    • Malcolm's vote for Reynold in Caramoan episode 9 (believed it to be saving himself from elimination)
    • Eddie's vote for Malcolm in the revote of Caramoan episode 11 (throwaway)

    Here are some examples that, in my opinion, qualify as rene…

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  • Bwburke94

    How exactly are there going to be 7 people voted off (or evacuated) in the next 13 days? Especially because we only have 5 episodes to do it in. Are we getting the dreaded post-merge double boot again?

    And keep this in mind: it would have been 8 people in 13 days had Shamar not been medevaced.

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