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  • Bwburke94

    For those of you new to the Survivor community, you may be wondering why recap episodes existed and why they stopped being aired after . Here's a quick recap on the recaps and other "missed" weeks.

    Season Episode Date Reason

    (recap) March 22, 2001 CBS aired NCAA Basketball Tournament

    (recap) November 29, 2001 Need for a 14th episode
    Planned for Thanksgiving but postponed after September 11 attacks
    (CBS aired an NFL game on Thanskgiving)

    March 13, 2002
    (Wednesday) CBS aired NCAA Basketball Tournament
    March 20, 2002

    (recap) April 24, 2002
    (Wednesday) Need for a 14th episode
    (two episodes aired this week)

    November 28, 2002 Thanksgiving/need for a 14th episode

    March 19, 2003
    (Wednesday) CBS aired NCAA Basketball Tournament
    March 26, 2003


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  • Bwburke94 15th, not 14th. Whoever keeps changing this needs to stop..

    (Also, good job hiding it in the trivia section, didn't catch it for a few days when you first posted it.)

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  • Bwburke94

    I want to preemptively stop edit wars over this issue, so...

    I think that voting for an alliance member under the assumption that it is a throwaway vote, or in an attempt to save yourself from elimination should NOT be counted as reneging. Here are some examples:

    • Rita's vote for Earl in Fiji episode 3 (throwaway to avoid a tie at a split vote)
    • Alex's vote for Mookie in Fiji episode 11 (saving himself from elimination)
    • Dawn and Whitney's votes for Ozzy in the first Tribal Council of South Pacific episode 9 (throwaway)
    • Malcolm's vote for Reynold in Caramoan episode 9 (believed it to be saving himself from elimination)
    • Eddie's vote for Malcolm in the revote of Caramoan episode 11 (throwaway)

    Here are some examples that, in my opinion, qualify as rene…

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  • Bwburke94

    How exactly are there going to be 7 people voted off (or evacuated) in the next 13 days? Especially because we only have 5 episodes to do it in. Are we getting the dreaded post-merge double boot again?

    And keep this in mind: it would have been 8 people in 13 days had Shamar not been medevaced.

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  • Bwburke94

    As has been stated by several users on previous blog posts, the dark text in the tribebox templates should be black rather than a darkish gray, in order to allow certain tribes like Enil Edam to have clearer text.



    I have created a poll so that you can share your opinion. If we choose to do so, the current tribebox and tribebox3 templates will change the color to black, and we may create tribeboxgray and tribebox3gray templates for keeping the old color (for Fanon Wiki use and the like.)

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