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Survivor: San Juan Del Sur

Btmac567 October 2, 2014 User blog:Btmac567

Here is how I want this season to go down.

18. Reed- Hunahpu

17. Jaclyn- Coyopa

16. Nadiya- Coyopa

15. Drew- Hunahpu

14. Jon- Hunahpu

13. Alec- Coyopa

12. Josh- Coyopa

Jury Phase:

11. Natalie- Hunahpu

10. Wes- Coyopa

9. Keith- Hunahpu

8. Julie- Hunahpu

7. Baylor- Coyopa

6. Dale- Coyopa

5. John- Coyopa

4. Baylor- Coyopa

3. Val- Coyopa

2. Jeremy- Hunahpu

1. Kelley- Hunahpu

Kelley should win because there hasn't been in a girl winner in 3 seasons and Kelley is a fan and I think she knows the game inside and out. She will play a great social and strategy game.

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