I recently just watch Season 16 of Survivor which is Micronesia or Fans vs Favorites. It was one of the best season only in the sense of every single week a different blindside happened. I was not pleased with the winner. Parvati shouldn't have won and only because for the first part of the season she did nothing. She did plan a few blindsides, but I don't think that makes you worthy of being a winner. Amanda TOTALLY should have won. I mean she made it to the final two times in a row and if I was a jury member I would have voted for her. Also, Amanda won at immunity least once and Parvati never won immunity in the season. Amanda also should have won because she also found the hidden immunity idol and was the only smart castaway to actually play it. I am not trying to hate or rant on Parvati in anyway but in the season that she won, I think she was not deserving and Amanda totally was.