This is my dream cast of survivor!

In this dream season, the 20 contestants are split up into 2 tribes based off whether they have betrayed or been betrayed in past seasons.

My explanations DO CONTAIN SPOILERS! Continue at your own risk!

Betrayers:  Russel (S19,20,22) - Made alliances with many people in Samoa, and betrayed them pre-merge. Betrayed Danielle who is on the Betrayees tribe when he felt she trusted Parvati more.

Natalie A(S29) - Broke apart her long-lasting alliance with Baylor and Missy after the elimination of Jon, by alligning with Jaclyn, and playing the hidden immunity idol on her to eliminate Baylor.

Kass (S28,S31) - In Cagayan, she left her previous alliance in the dust after joining Tony and his alliance in voting out Sarah.

Amber (S2,8) - With the help of Rob Mariano, they betrayed their original Chapera alliance by voting them out.

Dreamz (S14) - Revealed to the enemy alliance that the other had an idol. Made a deal with Yau-Man to win immunity if he got the car, and never got it. Yau was then voted out.

Parvati (S13,16,20) - Betrayed her alliance with Ozzy in Micronesia, and eventually voting out some of her alliance members towards the end of the game.

Sugar (S17,20) - In Gabon, Sugar decided she no longer felt Crystal and Ken were good alliance members, and therefore they were voted out back to back, thus losing any jury votes she could of gotten.

Cochran (S23,26) - Flipped from his old Savaii tribe to Upolu alliance, voting out Keith, and then the other Savaii members one by one until none of them were left, leaving Cochran to be eliminated.

Tony (S28) - Whenever he felt his paranoia sink in, he lost trust in alliance members, becoming the downfall of LJ and Jefra.

Chase (S21) - Betrayed his alliance with Jane when telling her she is no longer with him. She was then voted out. Betrayees: Kat (S24,27) - She was voted out by her main alliance member Kim in One World, and voted out by her tribe after Vytas was quick to convince the girls not to vote him out.

Kimmi (S2,31) - In the final 6, Kimmi's plan backfired, when it turned out either Kimmi or Keith were going home. Kimmi's alliance members were reluctant to save her, and thus she was voted out.

Danielle (S12,20) - After putting a bit more trust in Parvati and vice verca, Russel quickly voted her out to make sure Parvati puts her trust in him only.

Jane (S21) - Her alliance members Holly and Chase left her in the dust in the final 6, leaving her to be voted out at the next tribal council.

Andrea (S22,26) - After trying to flip people to vote either Dawn or Brenda in FvF2, Cochran told Brenda and Dawn about the plan, and she was voted out.

Keith (S23) - The first victim of Cochran and the Upolu Alliance, he was voted out after Cochran flipped sides, thus giving Upolu the majority number.

Big Tom (S3,8) - He was betrayed by Rob and Amber after they voted him out, to keep their newer alliance with Jenna Lewis and Rupert.

Lex (S3,8) - Like Big Tom, he was betrayed by Rob and Amber. After saving her in a previous tribal council by blindsiding Jerri, he was voted out quickly into the merge.

Ken (S17) - After threatening Matty, alliance member Sugar betrayed him by voting him out after Crystal was eliminated in the previous tribal council.

Artis (S25) - He had a chance to be saved by Abi-Maria with her idol, but Abi-Maria chose herself over alliance members, and Artis was voted out.

I tried my best not to add people who played too many times. I hope you like this cast, because I certainly do!