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  • BrooklynGames

    Well title explains it all!

    I would love to see Sandra Diaz-Twine, Courntey Yates, and Kelley Wentworth play again.

    There is a list you can vote for one or add a contestant here .

    Who would you want to see return?

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  • BrooklynGames

    This is my prediction of how the rankings will end up. I did not look up spoilers, or anything of the sort.

    I hope you guys agree or comment your opinions of my prediction in the comments! I will love to know what you guys think will happen!

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  • BrooklynGames

    This is my dream cast of survivor!

    In this dream season, the 20 contestants are split up into 2 tribes based off whether they have betrayed or been betrayed in past seasons.

    My explanations DO CONTAIN SPOILERS! Continue at your own risk!

    Betrayers:  Russel (S19,20,22) - Made alliances with many people in Samoa, and betrayed them pre-merge. Betrayed Danielle who is on the Betrayees tribe when he felt she trusted Parvati more.

    Natalie A(S29) - Broke apart her long-lasting alliance with Baylor and Missy after the elimination of Jon, by alligning with Jaclyn, and playing the hidden immunity idol on her to eliminate Baylor.

    Kass (S28,S31) - In Cagayan, she left her previous alliance in the dust after joining Tony and his alliance in voting out Sarah…

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