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1. I think that probably Jason or Scot are going to get voted out. Sure, Scot was my favorite at the beginning of the season, but now he's just starting to get on my nerves. Pouring water on a fire? Revealing idols? Sure, it was a pretty exciting and major twist, but it was sort of stupid to just reveal that Jason has an idol, play Rock, Paper, Scissors. (A kindergarten game in a chance to win $1 million?) Scot wins. He decides to give the idol to Tai. What are they doing to their game?!?!?! Obviously one of them is going to get voted out. Oh yeah, and remember how you needed jury votes to win the game? Yeah, I have a feeling if Scot, Jason, and Tai make it to the final 3, Tai is going to win.

2. Now, for the challenge. Let's start with the reward challenge. Player get to choose to play for food, letters from home, or an advantage. Let's face it, not too many people are going to go for the food. Letters from home? Neutral. Advantage? =) I suspect some of the girls or Joe might pick letters from home, but, that's not the big picture. I think Scot and Jason should definitely do the advantage challenge if they don't want to go home. I think the next immunity challenge will be important. Some sort of big twist added. That's what the advantage will be.

3. Now for the immunity challenge. I'm immediately ruling out Scot and Joe. The challenge requires stability. Joe is 72 and Scot is a basketball player. Aubry? Eh, she'll probably do okay. Cydney, Julia, and Michelle? Michelle probably won't do too good. Cydney will do pretty good, and Julia will do pretty good. As for Tai and Jason, I'm going to say they won't make it too far into the challenge.

3. Okay, this is supposed to be discussing the next episode, but let's talk winners. So, looking at the final 8 people, I'm just going to rule out Scot and Jason right away. Actually, I still have a tiny bit of faith in Scot but, the most reasonable answer is that he and/or Jason will not make it to the final 3/4. I think Cydney is playing a good game in the shadows and will probably make it to the finals. Aubry? Perhaps. Ahh, Joe. Well, I think he will not make it to the finals. Just like Cydney, he's playing a good game in the shadows, but he's probably going to be the target in voting if he makes it the finals. Actually, Cydney and Joe I'd say have a quite equal chance of winning. Julia is doing pretty good, in my opinion. Michele? I don't think she has a chance of making it to the finals, period. And Tai? Very high hopes for him. =)