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You People are Cold and Heartless!

After last night, I thought, "Everybody is gonna gang up on Dawn, and their gonna be very angry at her." And I was right! Everybody is hating on Dawn right now, which I understand. But the things you guy say is just COLD and HEARTLESS. I know what your thinking, "DAWN IS COLD AND HEARTLESS." No she isn't, she was battling between LOGIC and EMOTION, and she chose logic. It doesn't mean she hated Brenda or she was happy that she was gone. IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT. But the way people attack her, comments like "I hope Dawn falls in an abbyss" or "Dawn your disgusting" and "You don't deserve to be there" is the real cold and heartless thing. Some people even call her greedy, when she's doing it for her kids. Have some respect, people. If you were in her position and you were getting all these mean tweets and comments, how would you be taking it? I understand the anger and the frustration, but I don't understand the mean comments... It's not necessary, it really isn't. It's not called for. She's a real human being who was playing a game designed to make people do these things and create paranoia, so it makes sense she cries. Just back off with the mean comments, I get it i'm angry as well. As a christian, I believe it is not a sin to lie in a game made for lying, I believe it's a sin to say these mean things to people, who has never said ONE mean thing to anybody else. 

Sorry for the rant...