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New Survivor Hurricane Lists


This is a List of Hurricane Names with the names of Survivor Contestants. I like making Storm List before for me its fun. Please no criticism. Names representing multiple contestants are italicized. 

New Survivor Hurricane Lists
List 1 List 2 List 3 List 4 List 5 List 6
Alex Amber Aras Amanda Andrew Abi
Brenda Bob Becky Brian Betsy Butch
Colby Cirie Chris Courtney Carter Christine
Dawn Dan Danielle Dirk Denise David
Ethan Eliza Earl Edna Erik Elisabeth
Francesca Frank Floriane Fabio Fidelia Ferris
Gary Gretchen Gabriel Gina Greg Gillian
Holly Hayden Heidi Hunter Helen Homer
Ian Isabetta Ibrehem Ivy Iolo Irvette
Jenna John Jerri James Jane Jeff
Keith Kim Ken Kathy Kel Kelly
Lisa Lex Laura Leif Lillian Lea
Michael Michelle Mark Madeline Malcolm Morgan
Natalie Nathan Neleh Nick Nina Nyle
Ozzy Ottilie Oxford Ophira Olivier Onora
Parvati Phillip Paloma Paschal Penny Peter
Quentin Queenie Quentin Queenie Quentin Queenie
Roberta Rob Ramona Richard Rose Rupert
Stephen Sandra Silas Stephenie Shane Sophie
Tina Tom Twila Todd Tamara Terry
Ulysses Uva Ulysses Uva Ulysses Uva
Vecepia Vytas Vivienne Vernon Vanna Virgilio
Willard Wanda Wheeler Wendy Wade Whitney
Xeniya Xabier Xeniya Xabier Xeniya Xabier
Yul Yve Yul Yve Yul Yve
Zoe Zane Zoe Zane Zoe Zane

Naming Notes


  • The Names Edna(1954), Betsy(1964), David(1979), Andrew(1992), Keith(2000) and Michelle(2001) was all used in the Atlantic Basin and retired for causing high Damage.
  • The Names Alex, Chris, Danielle, Earl, Ian, Lisa, Laura, Michael, Peter, Richard, Rose, Wanda, Wendy, and Whitney are all on the current Atlantic Hurricane Lists.
  • The Names Amanda, Erik(spelled Erick), Frank, Fabio, Greg, John, Sandra, Tina, Todd,  are Terry all used on the current pacific Hurricane Lists

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