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Who made The Final Cast

  1. Kelly Wiglesworth: From the original season , Kelly is a legend. First woman to win individual immunity and first to win multiple immunities. The First person to deflect from their alliance. Ultimately in the end, Kelly lost out to Richard by one vote. According to Jeff, she was the reason for the second chance season in the first place. It's only natural that she was invited back.  I've voted for her everyday of voting.
  2. Kimmi Kappenberg : From The Australian Outback. Kimmi is for the most notable for her fight with Alicia. Unlike the Pre-All-Stars contestants, She wasn't my choice to come back. Although I've voted for her It was only once out of 14 days. She's was a vegetarian in a game with very little food available, even back then had no game to speak of and unlike most of the Pre All-Star boots, it was her own fault for her elimination because her personality. Kimmi likely gotten on Cambodia because of pure nostalgia from being one of the most popular seasons of all time.
  3. Jeff Varner: Also from The Australian Outback. Unlike his fellow castaway Kimmi, Jeff didn't do anything wrong. He was screwed over by the tiebreaker based on Past vote, which was Kimmi's fault even though she said it was his. I've haven't watch His season in a long time so I can't remember him that much. However, many view as funny and snarky. He wasn't my initial choice but I ended up voting for him almost all the time. Partially because he North Carolinian and partially because he deserve the chance because of being screwed of a rule while in a good position. Let's hope he does well.
  4. Andrew Savage: From Pearl Islands. The Leader of the Morgan tribe. Despite a bad start, Andrew ensured that the tribes would go in with even numbers at the merge by winning the sixth pre-merge immunity challenge. Unfortunately, The Outcasts twist happen and Andrew gotten voted out by a bitter Lill. I've vote for him every day of voting. He should have been a returning player
  5. Terry Deitz: From Panama, Terry is one the beasts of Physical challenges, tying the immunity challenge record with 5. However, he was unable to rule the game strategically. At the end, he failed to win the final 4 immunity, which didn't really matter because of the Super Idol. But he lost the final immunity challenge and was voted out. I've voted for him every day. Terry should have been back by now.
  6. Peih-Gee Law: From China; She was bossy at the start but mellowed out. Peih-Gee was trapped on the weaker tribe and was denied rewards(for the most part) and enter the merge in the minority. Despite the odds, Peih-Gee fought to survive but ultimately ended up in 5th. Again I've voted for her everyday. She didn't had any real advantage to speak of, just the fact she was on a good season. I'm glad she's back and hope she does well.  
  7. Stephen Fishbach: From Tocantins. Despite the disadvantage at the minority, Jalapao used the Timbira's dysfunctional nature to pagong them. Stephen was the brains while J.T. was the brawn. Ultimately J.T. brought him to the end over Erinn to the final two. Although already at an disadvantage, Stephen botch his jury questioning badly enough that no juror voted for him. I've voted for him every day of voting. Let's see if things go well for Stephen this time.
  8. Monica Padilla: From Samoa. The Editors gave most gave screen time to Russell Hantz,  so we didn't see her much. I didn't vote for her every day, only on occasion. I just didn't connect with her and there plenty of girls that look good in a bikini. I read on facebook that someone said that her tribemates said she was a firecracker. Lets hope we see that this time.
  9. Abi-Maria Gomes; From Philippines. I didn't really care for her at the time of airing as my focus was on Denise, Skupin and Malcolm. But I can't I'm shocked that she was back as many on her consider her a memorable person on a very well received season. However, her social game was her weakness as her paranoia and emotional personality made her unpopular among her castaways to the point she was voted out because they can't stand her. I was meh about her but only voted for her(not daily) because she was one Philippines, the only good season during the post HvV slump before BvW.
  10. Vytas Baskauskas: From Blood vs Water, Vytas was apparently popular as he almost won the fan favorite award. For Myself, I didn't really care nor did I voted for him. But I can't be surprised that he was selected to be on.
  11. Ciera Eastin: Also from Blood vs Water and also popular from that season. Unlike Vytas I have an Opinion an her. An Negative Opinion. I don't praise her for bold moves as they was bad and didn't change the final outcome of the season. Going of the Purple Rock, I think it was only a intimidation tactic use to prevent ties as you can get screwed over in a really bs way. While I didn't vote for her at all, She was the most memorable first female and complete with Hayden for most memorable of the first timers over. And Most DO Praise her for the bold moves so I'm content with her back. 
  12. Tasha Fox: From Cagayan; Tasha was arguably my favorite from Cagayan and I've voted for her every day. She was a huge threat, strategically, socially and especially in challenges. Tasha was a Action Girl but she ended voted out in sixth place when Spencer won immunity and Kass & Woo backed out the Tony Blindside. No surprise Tasha was selected as she was rather popular on an already acclaimed season but said season was recent so she was recency Bias as well. 
  13. Spencer Bledsoe: Likely the most popular of the Cagayan castaways. It's only natural that he would be selected. I've voted for him everyday of voting. Spencer was good at challenges and had a good head on his shoulder. 
  14. Kass McQuillen: While I didn't like her or approve of her flip, at least it was pivotal to the season unlike Ciera's ill timed flip. Plus Kass was unpredictable and was like a character you love to hate. Add in the fact that Kass has the luxury of being on a popular season and recency bias, its no surprise that she was chosen by the public, but she was worried about the Casuals not picking her. I've only voted for her on occasion.
  15. Woo Hwang: Also from Cagayan. Woo is a nice person and is very likable. However, unlike his fellow Cagayan castaways, Woo was not strategic and his reputation was tainted by his choice to take Tony over Kass. Still being on an Overall Popular and recent season does have it advantages. I've only voted for him on occasion
  16. Kelley Wentworth: From SJDS. Kelley was a person who seen the show before and was targeted because of it. Kelley was the 5th voted out because of her father's lack of social skills. However unlike most of the recent castaways, Kelley was a pre-merge boot in a unimpressive pre merge. Also going against her was the fact she wasn't given major screen time until her boot episode. I've voted for her, not all the time but a lot. I
  17. Jeremy Collins: Also from SJDS. Jeremy was given much more screen time than his fellow castaways, at least  before his elimination. Jeremy was presented as Strategic and good in challenges. I don't remember voting for him every day though.
  18. Keith Nale: The Final castaway from SJDS. Keith was not strategic in the least. However, He was surprising good in castaways and was likable and pretty funny. As for why he Needs the second chance, Keith was one challenge away from winning SJDS had Natalie had been voted out. Not
  19. Joe Anglim: From the most reason season, Worlds Apart. Joe was a nice and likable guy with an edit like Malcolm. However he was on the minority side of numbers and had to rely on immunity  to survive. He gotten a 10th place finish after he and Jenn lost immunity. I've voted for him every time.
  20. Shirin Oskooi: Also from Worlds Apart. Initially Shirin was viewed annoying because of her personality. However she became very sympathetic post merge because of being treated like crap by Dan & Will and because of her own past being reveal.  I've voted for her because of it and being one of the most tolerable people post p from her season, she was no re

Who gotten Snubbed

  1. T-Bird Cooper: Basically the biggest snub of the season. Teresa was rather strategic by modern Survivor Standards And If she could avoid the older woman stigma, T-Bird could have done well. And she really needed to return as It's her best and most realistic chance. T-Bird deserve this second chance season because she was doing okay on Africa only for her game to get flushed away when Brandon Quinton voted out Kelly because he didn't want to be in a alliance with Frank
  2. Shane Powers: The other Major snub from the season. Shane was an funny and entertaining parts of Panama. I've voted for him everyday because he be repeatedly snubbed for returning players seasons. 
  3. Stephanie Valencia: I've didn't vote for all the time but I gave her votes to return. On one hand, Stephanie has a fiery personality. However, she allied with Russell Hantz and her personality lead to poorly defending Russell at the first tribal council. She was disadvantaged because of being a pre-jury boot on one of the most unpopular season
  4. Natalie Tenerelli: No surprise that she wasn't chosen. Natalie was viewed as one of the biggest goats in history on a Season that view as one of the worst if not the worst in the history of the show. No chance of returning at all.
  5. Mikayla Wingle: From South Pacific, Mikayla was targeted by Brandon Hantz because him thinking she was like Delilah. Mikayla comes of a athletic and having a good head. However, because she disobeyed Coach and gotten voted out and sent off to redemption Island to finish in 14th place. Unfortunately for Mikayla, she isn't exactly memorable and her season was viewed a in a slump of bad seasons. South Pacific was the first season that I started watching Survivor Permanently So I've voted for her on Occasion and I think most of the time actually.
  6. Jim Rice: I've don't really him as from being Angry at Cochran for flipping and consequently destroying all of Savaii's chances of winning. Apparently he was strategic, which he did organize the Elyse blindside. However, just like Mikayla, Jim doesn't really stand out in this cast of males and South Pacific ended up in the middle of a slump of bad seasons.
  7. Troyzan Robertson: From One world. Troyzan had a polarizing personality. He watched the show since the beginning and applied a few times but was very arrogant and his strategy was to rely on immunity wins. Troyzan's situation was not helped by the fact he was on one of the contenders for season every.
  8. Sabrina Thompson: Sabrina, Also from One World. I was rooting for her but I notice she her lack of athleticism. I don't think Sabrina was given much screentime and she ended up on One World, one of the most unpopular seasons in the shows history and I've voted for her almost all the time.
  9. Brad Culpepper: No surprise why he didn't come back. Too much against him. Brad comes off as a bad leader and one of Probst's man crushes. And He has that lawsuit. Did not vote for him at all.
  10. Max Dawson: The Survivor Professor from Worlds Apart. While I like him, most didn't(because of accusations of annoying attention whore) and I didn't gave him my vote everyday.
  11. Carolyn Rivera: At the time, Carolyn & Mike was still competing. I was turned off by the fact she wasn't voted out yet and I thought she would be eliminated at some point. Carolyn did fairly well. She almost being voted out because of being an older woman and was good strategically. However, The jury didn't choose her to win (Kinda understandable because Mike had greater odds to overcome and the firemaking challenge took 45 minutes and made her look bad). Carolyn was deserving of winning or at least a solid second place and it was a shock to me that she wasn't in the final cast. I voted for her but not daily.
  12. Mike Holloway: Mike was disqualified from playing again because he won Worlds Apart. Mike was gnuff but deserving of the win, at least when compared to most of the final 6. Mike was strong in challenges but had a flawed social game when his alliance turned on him. Mike was in a win-win situation because he would get a million dollars or return for another shot as he was in the top 10 initially. During the voting phase, I voted for him on occasion but not day.