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My Choices For the 2014 Ozcars

  • Sexiest Male(overall): Hayden
  • Sexiest Male(recent): Hayden
  • Sexiest Female(overall): Parvati(my pick) or Morgan
  • Sexiest Female(recent): Morgan
  • Best Winner: Sandra just because she won twice. All are good picks(Although I would not pick Brian)
  • Greatest Player ever: Sandra again, won twice. All are good(Again, would not pick Brian)
  • Best New Player: Tony because he won
  • Best Interviewed: Don't watch/listen them: I pick Katie because I listen to parts of it.
  • Biggest Recent Hero: I pick Spencer but he or Tasha is good
  • Biggest Recent Villain: Tony, he won and played the game in a way without being hated.
  • Best New pre jury player: Laura B. John and Alexis are good too.
  • Best New Jury player: Spencer, but Tasha is good too.
  • Best Second Boot: Billy. Tanya is my second choice but it was Awesome seeing Russell eliminated at long last, likely the reason he was nominated
  • Ozlet of the year: Don't Know any of them, I picked Jarret.

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