I notice that their are many things in the intro that hint in outcome of the game. I think this are mostly coincidences but still, they are fun to list. There is a list of the ones that I picked up on. Please don't criticize it please.

The Coincidences 


  • The first person shown for each tribe (BB for Pagong, Dirk for Tagi) was the lowest ranking male for both tribes.
  • The Lowest ranking person for each tribe(BB for Pagong, Sonja for Taj) was followed by the highest ranking person (Colleen for Pagong, Richard for Tagi). The that person is followed by the second highest member of the tribe. (Gervase for Pagong, Kelly for Tagi)
  • Rudy is the third Tagi shown and is the third highest ranking member of Tagi.
  • Ramona is the second to last person shown for Pagong and is the second lowest ranking member of the tribe after BB

The Australian Outback

  • The men of Ogakor are shown in the order they last (Colby, Keith, Mitchell, Kel)
  • The Women of Ogakor are shown in the order they are eliminated (Maralyn, Jerri, Amber, Tina)
  • The first two people shown for Kucha (Skupin, Alicia) are its returning players


  • Linda and Silas was the second and third ones respectively shown for Samburu and the second and third ones voted out respectively
  • Teresa was the last one shown for Samburu. She is also the last one to get her introduction for her tribe and ultimately the last original Samburu left.
  • The eventual final three are shown back to back


  • The women are shown in the order they lasted (Neleh, Kathy, Tammy, Zoe)
  • Kathy and Patricia was the third and fifteenth person respectively shown and placed 3rd and 15th.
  • Gabriel was the fifth person shown in the intro and was the fifth one voted out.
  • Zoe was the sixth person shown and the third lowest person for her tribe, outranking two men.


  • Penny and John was the only people to stay in the order in both intros (8th and 13th respectively)
  • In the second version, Erin was the fourth Sook Jai shown and the fourth highest ranking one.

The Amazon

  • The third person for both tribes was its oldest members (Janet for the women, Roger for the men)
  • The two people involved in the schoolyard (Dave for men Jenna for women) was the both the sixth person shown. 
  • The two people who gotten votes in "Pick Up Sticks" was the first(Jeanne) and Last(Butch) people shown in the opening.
  • The two people who was the last person to have their name called out(Shawna for women, Matthew for men) was the fourth person shown.

Pearl Islands

  • The Women on Drake was shown in order when they was called out by Jeff (Christa, Trish, Michelle, Sandra). The same is with the Morgan tribe's men (Osten, Ryan S., Ryan O., Andrew)
  • The three returning players was shown back to back (Rupert, Sandra & Jon)


  • Both Saboga and Chapera had the second person shown(Jenna L. for Saboga, Amber for Chapera) was the highest ranking members while the fifth person shown(Tina for Saboga, Rob C for Chapera) was the lowest ranking member.
  • Amber was the 8th person shown and would win the eight season.


  • In second version of the intro, Chris and Chad was the first two men shown and the last ones standing.


  • In the second version, Both highest ranking members of the tribes(Tom for Koror, Stephenie for Ulong) was shown back to back with two people who was sent home on day two(Jonathan, Wanda)


  • Rafe was the third person shown and finished in 3rd. 
  • Blake was the third Nakum shown and the third original one voted out.
  • In the second version, Brandon was the tenth person shown and placed 10th.
  • In the second version, Danni was the eleventh person shown and won the 11th season


  • The two highest ranking men (Terry & Aras) was the last ones shown for their tribes (La Mina & Viveros).
  • The two highest ranking women (Danielle & Cirie) was the second ones shown for their tribes (Bayoneta & Casaya)
  • Misty and Tina was the last people shown and was the lowest ranking members of the women's tribes.
  • Aras was the 12th person shown and won the 12th season.

Cook Islands

  • The tribes was shown in order of when they lost a member (Hiki, Aitu, Puka and Raro)
  • For the ethnic minorities, their highest ranking member was the second shown (Sundra for Hiki, Ozzy for Aitu, Yul for Puka).
  • For both Hiki and Aitu, their second highest members was shown first(Nate for Hiki, Cristina for Aitu)
  • Cao Bui was the first person shown for Puka and the first one out. The same is for Jessica for Raro.
  • The men of Hiki and shown in order of how the lasted Hiki(Nate then Sekou), Aitu(Ozzy, JP, Billy). Inverted with Raro(Jonathan was outlasted by Adam)
  • The women of Hiki, Aitu and Raro is shown in order of how they lasted Hiki(Sundra, Rebecca, Stephannie) Aitu (Cristina then Cecilia), Puka(Becky then Jenny), and inverted with  Raro(Jessica, Candice, Parvati)
  • Adam was the last Raro shown and the last one standing. In Fact, had Candice and Jonathan switched places, the tribe would have been shown in order of elimination (Jessica, Candice, Jonathan, Parvati, Adam)


  • Sylvia is the third person shown and the third one voted out.


  • The men on Fei Long was shown in Alphabetical Order (Aaron, James, Jean-Robert, Todd)
  • The women on Fei Long was shown in the order they ranked (Courtney, Amanda, Denise, Leslie)
  • Both the seventh person shown for each tribe(Todd for Fei Long and Peih-Gee) was the highest ranking person for the tribe


  • The last two fans standing was the first two shown, Erik and Natalie.
  • Joel was the fifth person shown in the intro and was fifth one to leave. Likewise Yau-Man was the eighteenth person shown and Jonny Fairplay the last one. They would placed 18th and 20th


  • Paloma was the sixteenth person shown and placed 16th.


  • The men of Jalapao was shown in order of their elimination (Spencer, Joe, Stephen, J.T)


  • Mick and Russell was the last men shown and the last men standing. Russell appeared immediately after Mick and barely outranked him.
  • Natalie is the last person shown for Foa Foa in the opening and was ultimately its highest ranking member. 
  • The three people to become returning players was shown in order of when they return (Hantz, Swan, Laura)
  • Galu's last three members was shown back to back

Heroes vs Villains

  • Colby was the first hero shown and was the last one standing. Also, his Survivor Rival, Jerri was the last person shown.
  • Stephenie was the second person shown and the second one voted out.
  • Russell was the last man shown and the last one standing. Also, he was the eighteenth person shown or third to last and two women was after him. Russell would place 3rd and lost to two women at Final tribal council


  • Alina and Chase was the third and fourth person shown for the La Flor tribe. They is also the third and fourth youngest members of the cast. Alina was also the third La Flor to go while Chase gotten Four Jury votes.
  • Fabio was the fifth person to appear and he gotten 5 jury votes.
  • Jane was the third person to appear for Espada and was the third oldest(Behind Jimmy J and Dan) and was third highest ranking member for the tribe.
  • The two quitters was show back to back. Also NaOnka was shown first and quit first.

Redemption Island

  • In the second versions, Russell was the first to appear for the Zapatera and was (Thankfully) the first to leave. Also, Stephanie was the third Zapatera to appear and the third one to leave.

South Pacific

  • Coach was the second person shown and placed 2nd.
  • The Men of Upolu was shown in the order they lasted (Coach, Albert, Rick, Brandon)

One World

  • The tribes oldest people was the last ones shown (Nina for Salani, Tarzan for Manono)


  • The Returnees was show in order of when their evacuations was and how they lasted (Skupin, Penner, Russell).
  • The women of Kalabaw was show in the order of their elimination (Dana, Dawson, Katie)
  • Roxanne was the seventeenth person shown and placed 17th.


  • Matt was the fifth fan to appear in the intro and the fifth one to leave
  • The three favorites who failed to make the jury phase was shown back to back.

Blood vs Water

  • The two highest ranking members of the original tribes was the eighth one shown (Tyson for Galang, Ciera for Tadhana).
  • Rupert and his Wife, Laura was both the tenth ones to appear.


  • The Men of Aparri was in the order they lasted (Tony, Woo, Cliff)