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Jury Goats

Jury Goats that made it to final Tribal Council 

  • Arguably Neleh Dennis for her not playing the game until day 21 and hypocrisy(Saying to the Rotu Four she was content with being 5th-6th place but join in a coup to give them the boot.) Vecepia said that she fair better against her than Kathy because of how the former played the game.
  • Clay Jordan for laziness and being generally unlikable.
  • Matthew von Ertfelda for his lack of strategy until near the end of the game. He also gave bad answers at final tribal council.
  • Lillian Morris for being an outcast and backstabbing. She would have likely lose to Jonny Fairplay and that is saying something.
  • Twila Tanner for her backstabbing and swearing on her son's life. She also lash out at others, which helped Chris win the game.
  • Katie Gallagher for her suckiness(poor challenge performance, lazy, treated the others[sans Tom and Ian] like crap). Tom stated in a interview that he and Ian should take Katie to the final on DAY ONE.
  • Stephenie LaGrossa in Guatemala for her backstabbing and acting like a bitch. 
  • Becky Lee for her lack of social skills and athleticism(she was Yul's partner in strategy but he gets the credit.)
  • Cassandra Franklin for her attitude(despite her social game being good enough to win Touchy Subjects), unpreparedness and unpopularity.
  • Dreamz Herd for his constant backstabbing(The Four Horseman and most imfamously, Yau-Man)
  • Sugar Kiper for her strategy of targeting bad people and just wanting a good person to win instead of playing the game to win.
  • Mick Trimming for being pretentious and being a bad leader for Foa Foa.
  • Russell Hantz  in Heroes vs Villains for being an ass for the ENTIRE GAME screwing over all of the jurors. The most notable was screwing over Danielle because of Jealously
  • Sash Lenahan for screwing everyone over all of the jurors voted out.
  • Phillip Sheppard for agivating everyone with his odd mannerisms and lashing out people
  • Natalie Tenerelli for her laziness, being Rob's zombie and lack of social game.
  • Albert Destrade for doing nothing but give false hope in order gain jury votes.
  • Lisa Whelchel in my eyes as her was not unpopular since the early days of Tandang and never made any on screen strategic moves aside from the failed Malcolm blindside. She was also very emotional thoughout the game.
  • Sherri Biethman for not doing anything after the merge. She also sucked at final tribal council.

Potential Jury Goats

  • Keith Famie become the target for Kucha's hate after Jerri's boot. Colby stated he knew he had a better chance against Keith but picked Tina for being more deserving.
  • due to the Mystery vote fiasco, Lex van den Berghe would likely lose to Ethan. I think he would have a hard time against Kim J.
  • Jan Gentry for her odd mannerisms. voted out by Brian for likability.
  • Jonny Dalton was a potential goat  for Sandra and Darrah for screwing everyone over and being an ass.
  • Scout Cloud Lee for being Twila's partner in crime and sucking in challenges. voted out for likability
  • Caryn Groedel was likely picked for being a sacrificial limb. Also was never really liked by tribe except Willard.
  • Courtney Marit for her odd personality. Terry and Shane, with the latter stating that anyone would beat her at final tribal council. Blindsided by Cirie for being too Dangerous to go to the end. 
  • Erinn Lobdell was for Stephen as no one on Timbira liked her. J.T. was a another story
  • Shambo Waters for dismantling her original tribe Galu. voted out because of Brett's Immunity. Also Jaison Robinson for riding Russell's coattails and not being playing the game for himself.
  • Dan Lembo, despite his likability, coasted his way into the final five. Voted out because of Fabio's immunity. 
  • Alicia Rosa for being an unable Bitch and Christina Cha for her unpopularity and being an extreme doormat for everyone. 
  • Kass McQuillen for her betrayal of  The Aparri Alliance after the merge and her behavior after words(Especially her conflict with Trish). Spencer called her the biggest goat in Survivor history.

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