There has been talk about all winners season in the future. I want thinking about who I want to return if possible. As of the end of Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs Favorites, This are my choices for a All-Winner season. I gave reasons why and alternates if they can't attend


  1. Richard Hatch (the first winner ever and  defined the game of Survivor)
  2. Ethan Zohn (one of most honorable winners ever)
  3. Chris Daugherty (manage to overcome the odds, both him costing his tribe victory at the first immunity challenge and making it to the end and winning despite being up against seven women)
  4. Tom Westman (Most dominant  in challenges, both Tribal and individual)
  5. Yul Kwon (Played a brilliant game, up against Ozzy the most physically adept contestant ever)
  6. Todd Herzog (Played one of the best games ever and gave the best answers at final tribal council ever)
  7. Fabio Birza  (one of the most likeable winners and one of the most dominant)
  8. John Cochran (Redeemed himself from the South Pacific flipping fiasco. He played a awesome game in all aspects (strategic, social and even in challenges) and placed himself in final tribal council with two people who couldn't win [Sherri rode coattails post tribe swap and Dawn was too emotional])

Alternates or Additional players

  • J.T. Thomas (played the first statistical perfect game[no elimination votes, every jury votes] but ruined his reputation in Heroes vs Villains
  • Aras Baskauskas (not very memorable but still)
  • I want Earl Cole but he may not want to play again (he rejected Micronesia) and I want Bob Crowley  but he may be too old and deemed a physical liability.


  1. Tina Wesson (The first female winner and solidified was Richard did in Borneo)
  2. Jenna Morasca (Athletic, Sociable and somewhat strategic in the Amazon, pulled herself from the game to be with her dying mom)
  3. Sandra Diaz-Twine (the first two time winner and fame for her "As long is it isn't me" strategy in Pearl Islands, and was heroic in Heroes vs Villains by being against Russell which gave her the win)
  4. Danni Boatwright (Strategical, Athletic and Sociable, awesome winner that won against the antagonistic Stephenie)
  5. Natalie White (the only person to effectively use Russell to her advantage, she planned to be underestimated and it worked like a charm. not popular)
  6. Sophie Clarke (She subtly controlled Coach and was good in challenges as well.)
  7. Kim Spradlin (Most dominant female winnner ever, despite the poor cast)
  8. Denise Stapley (Best underdog story ever and she was sociable, athletic and somewhat strategic)

Alternates or Additional players

  • Vecepia Robinson (the first person to play and "under the radar game" and the first african american to win a reality TV show. not very popular among though.)
  • Amber Mariano (mostly known as Boston Rob's girlfriend and eventual wife, not popular among fans)
  • I want Parvati Shallow to play again but she doesn't want to play again and she proved herself enough