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    It's more of an analysis but hey

    1. Kelly Wiglesworth: From the original season , Kelly is a legend. First woman to win individual immunity and first to win multiple immunities. The First person to deflect from their alliance. Ultimately in the end, Kelly lost out to Richard by one vote. According to Jeff, she was the reason for the second chance season in the first place. It's only natural that she was invited back.  I've voted for her everyday of voting.
    2. Kimmi Kappenberg : From The Australian Outback. Kimmi is for the most notable for her fight with Alicia. Unlike the Pre-All-Stars contestants, She wasn't my choice to come back. Although I've voted for her It was only once out of 14 days. She's was a vegetarian in a game with very little food…

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  • BlueBarracudas555
    • Sexiest Male(overall): Hayden
    • Sexiest Male(recent): Hayden
    • Sexiest Female(overall): Parvati(my pick) or Morgan
    • Sexiest Female(recent): Morgan
    • Best Winner: Sandra just because she won twice. All are good picks(Although I would not pick Brian)
    • Greatest Player ever: Sandra again, won twice. All are good(Again, would not pick Brian)
    • Best New Player: Tony because he won
    • Best Interviewed: Don't watch/listen them: I pick Katie because I listen to parts of it.
    • Biggest Recent Hero: I pick Spencer but he or Tasha is good
    • Biggest Recent Villain: Tony, he won and played the game in a way without being hated.
    • Best New pre jury player: Laura B. John and Alexis are good too.
    • Best New Jury player: Spencer, but Tasha is good too.
    • Best Second Boot: Billy. Tanya is my s…
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    I notice that their are many things in the intro that hint in outcome of the game. I think this are mostly coincidences but still, they are fun to list. There is a list of the ones that I picked up on. Please don't criticize it please.

    • The first person shown for each tribe (BB for Pagong, Dirk for Tagi) was the lowest ranking male for both tribes.
    • The Lowest ranking person for each tribe(BB for Pagong, Sonja for Taj) was followed by the highest ranking person (Colleen for Pagong, Richard for Tagi). The that person is followed by the second highest member of the tribe. (Gervase for Pagong, Kelly for Tagi)
    • Rudy is the third Tagi shown and is the third highest ranking member of Tagi.
    • Ramona is the second to last person shown for Pagong and is the…

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    I notice that almost every season's dvd cover has six people on it. So I decide to pick six castaways for  each season's cover. All Covers have the winners on them. The other 5 castaway based on how notable they was during the season. Some picks are the same as the official picks. This is my Opinion who should be on the cover

    Season Castaways
    Borneo Richard, Kelly, Rudy, Susan, Colleen, Greg
    The Australian Outback Tina, Colby, Elisabeth, Rodger, Jerri, Michael
    Africa Ethan, Kim J., Lex, Big Tom, Teresa, Kelly
    Marquesas Vecepia, Neleh, Kathy, Paschal, Sean, Boston Rob
    Thailand Brian, Clay, Jan, Helen, Shii Ann, Robb
    The Amazon Jenna, Matthew, Rob, Heidi, Deena, Roger
    Pearl Islands - Panama Sandra, Lillian, Jonny Fairplay, Darrah, Rupert, Andrew
    All-Stars A…

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    Jury Goats

    October 14, 2013 by BlueBarracudas555
    • Arguably Neleh Dennis for her not playing the game until day 21 and hypocrisy(Saying to the Rotu Four she was content with being 5th-6th place but join in a coup to give them the boot.) Vecepia said that she fair better against her than Kathy because of how the former played the game.
    • Clay Jordan for laziness and being generally unlikable.
    • Matthew von Ertfelda for his lack of strategy until near the end of the game. He also gave bad answers at final tribal council.
    • Lillian Morris for being an outcast and backstabbing. She would have likely lose to Jonny Fairplay and that is saying something.
    • Twila Tanner for her backstabbing and swearing on her son's life. She also lash out at others, which helped Chris win the game.
    • Katie Gallagher for her suc…
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