I originally had this as a list of people on my profile page, but I thought I should at least give reasons as to why I want these people in another, possible All-Stars, season.

To be realistic, if there was an All-Stars season, they'd probably bring back contestants from more recent seasons, probably from Survivor: Gabon to the most current one. But I included people all way way back from Survivor: Panama - Exile Island.

This list doesn't include people who have already played three times, but does include winners and people who were gone pre-merge.

Shane Powers - Survivor: Panama, 5th Place

He was a character that made Exile Island interesting. From his Blackberry to the conversation he had with Courtney about her crummy apartment, I thought he was hilarious. And the love he had towards his son was something I could admire. He was originally cast for Heroes vs. Villains, but was replaced, so I hope he's in another season.

Terry Deitz - Survivor: Panama, 3rd Place

Terry was a beast at challenges, tying Colby's record of five immunity wins in one season. But even though I didn't like him as the season progressed, as his immunity wins made my beloved Casaya turn on eachother, I later learned to respect him, as he managed to fight all the way to the final three. He could have won the game had Danielle kept their deal and had taken him to the final two.

Aras Baskauskas - Survivor: Panama, Winner
S12 aras t

One of my favorite contestants and winners, people don't give him the credit he deserves. Despite being in a crazy alliance in the beginning of the game, he was able to keep it together, even being able to talk Shane out of leaving the game. His friendship with Cirie and rivalry with Terry is something I greatly remember from his season and the "call the whambulance" moment was hilarious. After hearing him on Rob has a Podcast, I really hope to see him again on Survivor.

Candice Woodcock - Survivor: Cook Islands, 8th Place / Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, 8th Place

I enjoyed watching her in Cook Islands. She made many memorable moments such as her showmance with Adam, love at first sight confrontation with Billy, and mutiny. In her second season, she took a more strategic approach, but I feel as if she didn't deliver what I and many other people expected of her, especially where she sided with the Villains after the merge. I hope another season will help her redeem herself.

Yul Kwon - Survivor: Cook Islands, Winner

While watching Cook Islands, I was anti-Aitu 4 as I rooted for Rarotonga. But as the season was over, just like Terry, I was able to see why he was a deserving winner. Because of him, he was able to convince Jonathan to flip back to his side and he was the reason for his alliance's success in the game. He was so intellectual throughout the game and ultimately proved that strategical gameplay is better than physical prowess. I would love to watch him in another season.

Yau-Man Chan - Survivor: Fiji, 4th Place / Survivor: Micronesia, 18th Place

Despite Fiji being one of my least favorite seasons, Yau-Man made it watchable. From Day 1, I felt as if he knew how to really play the game. He knew how to utilize the hidden immunity idols and even make fake ones. Yau-Man really wanted to win the game, but unfortunately, he came across of too much of a threat. Even early on in Fans vs. Favorites, he was considered a big threat. I think he deserves one last chance.

Aaron Reisberger - Survivor: China, 12th Place

He started off China well, leading his tribe to many victories and being in a comfortable alliance. The only thing that screwed him up was the tribe switch. His new Zhan Hu tribe even threw the challenge just to vote him off. I would really like for him to be in a second-chances type season.

Courtney Yates - Survivor: China, 2nd Place / Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, 11th Place
S20 courtney t

I absolutely adore Courtney. Her hilarious personality made her seasons great. In China, she proved that you don't need to be strong to make it far, just a great social game. However, she was viewed as weak in her second season, but still made it quite far. Even in the Jury, she still made tribal council fun. I would love to see her once more.

Todd Herzog - Survivor: China, Winner

Someone that made bold moves and was rewarded for it in the end. Todd was able to manipulate and betray his fellow competitors, yet was still able to convince them to vote for him to become the fifteenth Sole Survivor, such as what he did with Jean-Robert at the final tribal council. It would be interesting bringing him back for a next season as we would get to see how he would handle these All-Star contestants.

Marcus Lehman - Survivor: Gabon, 10th Place

Marcus had the game in the palm of his hands. He was in the majority alliance within his Onion Alliance, had a possible final three with Corinne and Charlie, and was immune for pretty much all of the pre-merge part of the game. However, his game was screwed up by the second tribe switch of the season, where Susie flippled over to the opposing Fang Alliance. Had this not happened, Marcus would have definately been a contender for the million dollars, so I think he deserves another shot.

Corinne Kaplan - Survivor: Gabon, 7th Place
S17 corinne t

I thought she was really intertaining when I watched Gabon. She and Randy made an adorable villianous duo and her final tribal council question to Sugar was hilarious. Just like Marcus, had Susie not flipped, she could have made it to the final three. Also, she was invited back for Heroes vs. Villains, but had to decline due to work obligations, so I hope we get to see her again.

Brendan Synnott - Survivor: Tocantins, 9th Place

Brendan utilized his season's twist of sending two people to Exile Island well. Using it, he made allies with the other tribe which included Taj and Stephen and to an extent, JT. At the merge, he was all set to dominate the game, but unfortunately he failed to communicate with his Jalapao allies which led to his downfall. He deserves a second chance.

Tyson Apostol - Survivor: Tocantins, 8th Place / Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, 15th Place

Just like Courtney, Tyson was hilarious to watch. Although he picked on Sierra every moment he had, he was just too funny to dislike. In Tocantins, he came across of too much of a physical threat and was blindsided, and in Heroes vs. Villains, a stupid move got the best of him. I hope to see him again with his funny comments and for him to be able redeem himself for what he did his second season.

Erinn Lobdell - Survivor: Tocantins, 3rd Place

I'll just say that this girl is kick-ass. She went from being on the outs in her tribe early on in the game, to making it all the way to the final three and being the last member of her original Timbira tribe left. She was so close to winning the game and should come back for a second chance.

Stephen Fishbach - Survivor: Tocantins, 2nd Place
S18 stephen t

Greatly known as the guy who lost to JT after a shut-out vote at the final tribal council, Stephen wasn't really credited for all that he did in his season. He was behind most of the vote offs, but nobody really saw that. Another season would let him show the world how he got to the finals in the first place and why he should deserve to win the million dollars.

Brett Clouser - Survivor: Samoa, 4th Place

Even though we didn't get to see much of Brett early on in Samoa, he emerged as the dark horse near the end of the game. Despite his Galu tribemates being sent home one by one after the merge, Brett managed to hang on with his impressive immunity streak. However, as he was one day away from possibly claiming the title of Sole Survivor, he narrowly lost the final immunity challenge and was immediately voted off. With the million dollars so close to his fingers, I think he deserves a second shot.

Marty Piombo - Survivor: Nicaragua, 11th Place

Brenda Lowe - Survivor: Nicaragua, 10th Place

Holly Hoffman - Survivor: Nicaragua, 4th Place

Sash Lenahan - Survivor: Nicaragua, 3rd Place

Stephanie Valencia - Survivor: Redemption Island, 14th Place

Mike Chiesl - Survivor: Redemption Island, 6th Place

Andrea Boehlke - Survivor: Redemption Island, 5th Place

Christine Shields Markoski - Survivor: South Pacific, 13th Place

Dawn Meehan - Survivor: South Pacific, 10th Place

John Cochran - Survivor: South Pacific, 8th Place

Matt Quinlan - Survivor: One World, 16th Place

Kat Edorsson - Survivor: One World, 7th Place

Alicia Rosa - Survivor: One World, 5th Place

Kim Spradlin - Survivor: One World, Winner